It might seem premature to take a day off after just two days of walking. It’s been challenging for me to let go of ‘goals’ that, on reflection, are not important. I ‘ve been working on this change for some time and now is the opportunity to put it into action.

I took a bus from my lakeside camping ground into Bracciano. The bus route takes in part of the lake’s edge where people were sunbathing in the 23 degree Spring day before going to one of the many restaurants, some with their tables on the beach (about a 10 metre wide stretch of gravelly sand) for lunch.

After buying some provisions at the supermarket I headed to the castle. It’s southern side is most imposing, standing around 50m high. Access was not possible. Restoration work is being carried out to pathways. The castle is surrounded by housing where narrow alleys lead to doorways. Outside of one a couple of people were standing with glasses of wine. I looked into the dooway. The space was no bigger than a bedsitter kitchen. A middle aged man had a giant pot on a stove from which the steam and smells of his creation were coming. Perhaps a niche place for something to eat and a glass of wine on a Sunday.

The camping ground proprietors suggested I could return via a dirt track that descends from directly in front of the castle with a warning to keep to the left and not take any oath to the right. Obediently following these directions led me to a dead end so I decided to escape through some private properties that backed onto the track. After a couple of driveways led me to locked gates I eventually found one open. Back at the camping ground lunch was followed by an afternoon sleep in a pleasantly warm tent.

The camping ground proprietors, husband and wife, were extremely friendly. They had a ‘restaurant’ where I had pizza one night and pasta the next. Both delicious. Not particularly vegan, but I’ll say more about this later. I couldn’t get a salad ‘because we have just
opened’. Anyway, franz ferdinand was a scottish quartet with a small following and just one ep release under its belt when it catapulted to international stardom on the strength of this riffy saturday night nugget