A not so good sleep last night. After doing some emailing in the tent I eventually lay down around nine. A car came to the end of the street just near where I was camped. It drove off and showed no interest in me. Paranoia. I didn’t get to sleep until after ten. I awoke to the sound of a garbage truck emptying the bins nearby.

What I would have given this morning to have had my hands wrapped around a hot mug of tea. It was a cold and it doesn’t help wearing shorts. I had to get walking to warm up.

The country has really flattened out, but in the distance to the west, north and east
is a mountain range I’ll be climbing tomorrow. Today I’ve been dog-legging north then west then north again getting a little closer to the coast as I shorten the gap to my destination.

This afternoon there’ve been few cars on the very country roads I’ve been walking.
At my second stop after 4 hours on the road it was so quiet that all that filled the air was the sound of chirping birds and the rustle of leaves on the trees.

Surprisingly, I’ve seen a lot less human activity today than any other day. There’s been the farmer bailing hay, another turning the hay for drying before bailing, and the occasional person on the streets. Today showed me how much we as human beings yearn for interaction, even as observers. Surviving being alone I feel sure will be one of the major lessons of this walk, at least for the first part through Italy and across half of France until I reach the more established pilgrim routes in both France and Spain.

It had to happen. Yes, it rained this afternoon. Just for about 30 minutes but enough to get the wet weather gear out of mothballs. Tonight the sky is still ominously overcast.

Tonight I’m sheltering under a derelict house just off the main road to where I’m headed tomorrow. It was a great find after being told in Grilli that the albergo was full. There are three rooms. I took the centre one after cleaning the fallen masonry from the concrete floor. My bedding is laid out and my belongings scattered around like I own the place. It’s a little after 8.00pm. I’m ready for bed. Good sleeping.

Wake up was simply the very best of the band’s releases and among the most moving post-alternative rock songs of the https://justdomyhomework.com/ era