I’ve read of studies which demonstrated that using two walking poles enables the transfer of about 20% of load (i.e. from the backpack) to the arms and shoulders. I certainly needed that 20% today for the walk up from Bonassola. The thought is always present when you are descending into a valley that you will have to climb out of it. The climb which linked up with a secondary road had one of those rare experiences on this trip and that was to go onto a very infrequently used path for some of the way. It reminded me of walking in Spain when it led past the front door of one house and under an arch attached to another.

There was always the threat of rain. It was overcast all day, but very little of the wet
stuff fell from the sky. What did, occurred at the two hour mark so I took my break in the relative comfort of an abandoned house. A mist hung about in the valleys for most of the day. High up the road was wet but not from rain. It was one of those areas where there is always moisture in the air.

Several times on the climb in the early afternoon I stopped, looked into the valley below, enjoyed the green of the tree tops, closed my eyes, and felt the silence. The
only interruptions were birds singing their tunes, or the sound of a gentle wind swirling around me. These were treasured moments. There was very little traffic
today, but when the road I was on crossed the path of the Autostrada a couple of hundred metres below the noise from it still managed to find its way to me.

Today was a tough one climbing from sea level to 615m. The climb took 4 hours and I only managed to cover 12km in that time. When I got to Bracco I sat opposite an albergo while I checked my map. I was so tempted to give up, go in and collapse onto a bed. It was a test of my psychological strength to continue on even though
my mind was telling me to give up. I pushed on for another 8km and found a camping ground on the outskirts of Siestri Levante, where I am tonight.

Its been a slow news day. Met no one. Hardly saw anyone, and didn’t even have to contend with any quantity of cars until the very end of the day.
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