The early part of this walk was uninspiring, having to pass through industrial and petrochemical districts while exiting the city. After about 8km the country opened up to farmland. I’m starting to get a handle on Google maps which I hadn’t up to today. It was able to show me a route that was not on my conventional map which, although still bitumen, took me took me close to the coast through rural land.

Lido di Tarquinia, just 18km from Civitavecchia, is a small town on the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve booked into another hotel. I’ve decided that if a hotel is what I want for the night I’ll have one, otherwise I’ll camp. Mind you, there isn’t a camping ground around and I didn’t feel like pulling off to the side of the road tonight.

For the next few days I thought I’d limit myself to around 20km per day until this troublesome toe has healed. I had a walk along the beach to bathe my feet.

Tarquinia city, just a few kilometers away is just to the south of the site of the chief of the 12 Etruscan cities which were often at war with Rome, and lost. Modern Tarquinia had it’s name changed from Corneto in 1922. It has bee suggested that this not always accurate reversion to historical place names was in keeping with Italy’s former Fascist government’s policy designed to evoke past glories.

Lido di Tarquinia was last night deserted. The pleasant spring weather brought out the mums and kids to the beach. They were packing up as I headed there to bathe my feet. What I’ve noticed about this town is that it has the feel of a place about to be woken from it’s winter slumber. You know that in a month or two it will be teaming with people on vacation.

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