We had a wild thunder storm around midnight. After the lightning came the most explosive thunder I’ve heard in some time. While it lasted, which was only for about a half hour, it was a little frightening at times. When things settled, the sound of falling rain on the outer cover of my tent reminded me of my childhood when it rained on our corrugated iron roof. There’s something quite comforting about being in a small space like a one-person tent, snuggled into a sleeping bag pulled up to my ears, lying on my back and enjoying the sounds that nature was providing.

I called my son Jesse just before leaving the camping ground. We chatted for about 10 minutes. It’s always more special to speak than email. I also called my other
children, Marlena and Vincent, both of whom were at a wedding in Victoria. I had to leave messages. They must have been having too good a time to have their phones turned on.

On the outskirts of Sestri Levante I found an oasis, which is what supermarkets have become for me. As a child I loved a banana sandwich, the very thing I made myself and ate at the edge of the supermrket carpark. Sestri Levante looks and feels like a vibrant city. It was Saturday morning and it was buzzing. There were new housing developments on the edge of the city, but less than half a kilometre from the town
centre, all done in traditional colours which I’ve spoken about before, like pink, orange, yellow and fawn, with dark green commonly used as trim. I did notice that there was not a shrub or tree in sight. All available ground was covered with either a building or paving. But it looked ‘normal’. I took a break here to check my maps. While I had my ipad out I checked my emails and felt the need to answer one from someone I know who is having prostate problems who sought some advice.

I moved on, but only for about 8km, to Chiavari, where I am tonight. I was feeling some worrying pains in my shins and thought it better to take a break as a
sensible way of managing a potential problem. It was so joyful to get into a hotel room early, shower, eat, fall onto my bed and doze off. I didn’t venture out until around seven to do some supermarket shopping for tomorrow’s walk.

About 8pm I took a look around town. The place is full of small bars which were doing good business. There are some beautiful old apartment blocks in the heart of the city and there are monuments aplenty. By the sounds of the tolling bells it also
has a number of churches. I settled into a warm corner of a seafood restaurant where I had my favorite spaghetti dish, alle vongole.

I’ll be walking the coastline for a couple of days beyond Genoa after which I will head inland to Cuneo. From there I take the mountain route across the Italian/French border. The first significant French town I will come to is Barcelonette, but that won’t be for a couple of weeks time. De autorin fjg stellt sich vor + schnellstmgliche an- jura hausarbeit schreiben und abnahmen+ stndige erreichbarkeit durch mobiles internet+ breites spektrum am themen+ gute deutsch- und kommunikationsnoten im fachabitur