I didn’t wake until 8.10am after 9 beautiful hours of sleep and got away around 10.00am. These hours are nothing like I kept in Spain.

The morning’s walk was through what appeared to be small lot farmland where grain and vegetable crops were growing. Farmers on tractors towing trailers filled with recently harvested crops passed me by. I could still see the ocean to west. There were long stretches of narrow bitumen road. I’d intended to make the morning walk longer but sometimes you see a place that seems so ideallic it can’t be passed up. I saw such a place land stopped after two hours of walking. I indulgently stayed an hour sitting in the shade of a tree with boots and shirt off while they dried in the sun.

The afternoon walked turned into a 4 1/2 hour marathon. Google maps suggested a route but when I got to the point where I was supposed to leave the main road snd head towards the coast it would have meant crossing a major four lane expressway with a chest high metal barrier down the centre. I had little choice but to continue into Montalto di Castro and make my way from there to the coast, adding another four kilometers to the trip. In Montalto di Castro there was no hotel, no camping ground, and no suitable place to pitch my tent without a lot of scrutiny.

The last seven kilometres into Montalso di Castro were were the most hazardous I’ve ever had to do. I was walking on the side of the four land expressway with the flow of traffic. When I joined this road there was no place to cross to walk facing the oncoming traffic. It’s extremely unsettling and very scary not knowing what traffic is coming up behind you until it has passed. I had no place go go because there was a metal guardrail immediately to my right. I kept thinking that the next step I took may be my last. At one point the wind drag from a petrol tanker which passed particularly close-by nearly knocked me off my feet. What I did notice was that most of the larger vehicles did in fact move to their left when passing me because I could see them coming back into the right lane as they went by. Thank you drivers.

Montalto Marina is still asleep. A much bigger place than my previous night’s stop, full of town houses and apartments waiting to be rented during the holiday season. Shop proprietors and restauranteurs are cleaning up their buildings with a coat of paint and much needed repairs. You can feel that this place will really jump in a month or so.

I made my own dinner after a visit to the supermarket. How enjoyable it was to prepare something to my liking. For a��21 I got enough supplies for dinner, and breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I’m heading a little inland tomorrow. Must keep away from these dangerous roads when I can.