As daylight peeked through my window shutters somehow I thought it was much earlier than 8.00am. I could get used to this wake up time. Breakfast was a charm in a room of antiques.

I went for a walk to get a feel for the day. What I saw was Good Friday being observed with business as usual in a country largely regarded as Catholic. Or at least that was what was happening in this city where people were going about their ordinary affairs, the postman was doing his rounds, and all the shops were trading. Is it just in Australia that we declare this day to be a public holiday? Observance of religious ritual was left to the night when around 9.30pm I observed a procession down the Main street led by local people and followed by about ten priests ahead of a platform on which was mounted a statue of Mary dressed in black with a fallen Christ at her feet. The procession made its way to the church where a service commenced.

I’ve had a rather exhausting day getting the blog up to date, however, I’ve been able to do it in a peaceful setting looking out onto the terrace garden while enjoying the quietness of my room. During one of my breaks from blogging I spotted a menswear store with striking suit, shirt and tie combinations. Oh to be a lawyer again and feel good in the clothes I have on. Did I say that?

I’m off to Pisa tomorrow, which is a change from my most recent plan that had me

going to Lucca. Pisa is just 21km away. From there I’ll be just a days walk from the coast after which I make my way to La Spezia.

Dazu die mglichkeiten, in der deutschen sprache bunt, nuanciert bachelorarbeit schneller schreiben und vielfltig zu beschreiben