What can I say about a walk like todays? Tedious! The whole of the 21km between Pontedera and Pisa was development of one kind or another – mainly retail, But including residential and commercial. The physical part of the walk was fine. I made excellent time doing 15km before a break. The exception were the treacherous footpaths which seem to rise and fall an twist and turn with each new building. I think I’ve been spoilt by the Tuscan hills. Looking at shopfronts kilometre after kilometre cannot compare with what I experienced in the past week.

I shudder to think what the coastline will be like from here to Genoa. I’m so looking forward to reaching the mountain pass that will take me from Italy into France, and
even more looking forward to experiencing some French countryside, but that’s a couple of weeks away yet.

My arrival into Pisa didn’t go as smoothly as expected. It must be Easter Sunday and the celebration and ceremony surrounding it because I spent about an hour and a half looking for a hotel that wasn’t fully booked. I eventually got on the telephone and found a two star hotel near the railway station. Even though it’s just two stars the price was a��70 for one night. That’s Pisa this time of the year, and probably for
most of the tourist season.

Because I plan to leave Pisa through the west of the city I made a point of going to see the Leaning Tower located in the north-eastern section. I was last there in 1987 but have next to no memory of that occasion. Yes, it’s still leaning. Unfortunately by the time I arrived, the cathedral, located next to the tower, was closed. Last visitors a admitted at 7.30pm. That was a disappointment. From the outside it’s ofma monumental size.

Pisa is thick with tourists, but I haven’t heard much English being spoken. Even though my visit has been a short one I’ll be glad to leave here. It’s not so much this city but the fact that it is a city and cities can be difficult to navigate and often feel like they don’t have a heart. I much prefer the intimacy of the towns and villages.

It’s over to the coast for me tomorrow where I’ll try and do some more camping.

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