Albissola Marina has quite a long artistic history, particularly in ceramics. I wonder why it came to be such a place. (I’ve resisted looking it up on the Internet.). I photographed an ageing sign over a door which proclaimed the ‘Alba Docilia of G A Rosello was founded in 1919. Everywhere you go ceramics are ever present: street signs, a war memorial, and decorating the walls of a subway under the main road.

Along the beachfront there are a series of panels describing the work of a particular artist having some connection with this place. We are told, for example, that some of these artists spent time in Paris ‘rubbing elbows’ (not shoulders) with the likes of Miro, Chagall, Leger, Matisse, Braque and Picasso. An impressive list. Many who
worked here were influenced by the surrealist movement. On each panel there is a picture and short description of a typical work of the named artist.

La Casa dell’arte was a ceramics factory whose Director in the 1920′s was Giovanni Battista de Salvo, whose name might be known to some readers, as might the name Antonio Sabatelli whose impressionistic style is said to have been influenced by his contact with Camus and Satre in Paris in the late 1940′s. (They don’t mind dropping names.). There are numerous artisan studios, some with their own galleries. The tradition continues.

Along the beachfront the theme colours are blue and white. Most of the beachfront is privately ‘owned’. These areas are occupied by small ‘resorts’ that provide a restaurant, change cubicles, deck chairs and umbrellas. Intermittently there are 50m wide strips where the public can go and don’t have to pay for the privilege. Also, the sand in this area is of a much lighter colour than anything I’ve seen so far.

A few of my hours in the late morning and early afternoon were spent on personal affairs at an internet cafe where I was able go to print documents and fax them to
Australia. Internet cafes are as rare as naturally blonde Italians. I’ve seen just three in the last 600km, at Pisa, Genova and here.

Well, my legs are rested although they’ll need constant maintenance to get me through. It’s very challenging to carry next to no medical supplies and largely rely upon my own initiative to solve problems on a daily basis. On this type of journey we become our own healer, counsellor and companion. There isn’t anyone to go to, not even for reassurance. Being resourceful is the key, but keeping well is crucial. I feel blessed to be on this journey and to experience the challenges it offers. It’s fortifying to know I’ve come this far rather than daunting to know now far I have to go.

Aber auch zu anderen wissenschaftliche arbeit schreiben lassen themen wie finanzen, kinder, hausbau, sport, garten, produktbeschreibungen,