I couldn’t have relaxed more than I did today. I leisurely got myself up and about for breakfast, took my time eating and chatting, and then it was into Apt for a look around and to buy some supplies for tomorrow’s walk.

Apt is a likable enough city, reasonably big, but not too busy. Had I followed the more traditional route from Barcelonnette I would have walked through Apt. Ochre, which is principally used in the colouring of paints, is something that has been mined in the district for many generations. There is an industrial museum in town with displays of all the different colours that are available. The French love museums: there seems to be one for every product or activity. If your district is famous for
something, for example, growing, and distilling the oils from lavender, then you will find a museum dedicated to this.

After lunch I spent about three hours on the internet at the local bar/restaurant using their wifi. I think they are most generous in allowing someone like me to stay so long, but I do buy drinks while I’m there. I suppose this relieves my conscience a little. After this I got my gear ready for tomorrow’s walk.

Stuart made dinner after which we sat around, chatted and drank tea until it was time for bed. You can see from what I’ve said in this blog that not a great deal happened today. Just the way it should be when relaxation is on top of the list of things to do. When you think about it, we can achieve something quite beneficial by doing nothing. Such is the nature of achieving relaxation. But when it was miles away, your eye couldn’t tell if it was one light or two