I’ve frequently mentioned local hyperthmia but not described what it is: It’s been known for a long time that cancer cells can be damaged by heat. When cancer tissue is heated, heat shock proteins develop, initiating an immunological defence response against cancer cells. In local hyperthmia therapy cancer tissue is heated by the use of short wave irradiation at 13.56 MHz and an energy up to 150 watts. Heat penetration is about 20 cm. Temperatures higher than 42 degrees (107.6 f) can be achieved in cancer tissues. While healthy cells can tolerate this treatment, malignant cells get damaged. Local hyperthmia is not known to have any significant side effects. A single treatment session lasts one hour.

I never cease to be amazed by the stories and experiences described to me by clinic patients who come from the USA and the UK about the intolerance of their medical practitioners, particularly oncologists, to therapies that don’t fit into their own treatment paradigms which focus almost entirely upon chemotherapy and radio therapy It seems that in the USA those who control admission to the profession will move quickly to eliminate from practice anyone who was to advocate, for example, hyperthmia. It seems that in the UK the result would be the same.

In Australia, we appear to be, if not more enlightened, more tolerant of non-conventional therapies. It seems that in neither the USA nor the UK would you have a doctor currently practising conventional medicine, endorse a month of meditation in Brazil and three weeks of hyperthermia in Germany as an entirely appropriate treatment program for the management of prostate cancer and follicular lymphoma, like my GP has done for me.

If you need a laugh after reading this, google “Three Holy Men and a Bear” and read the joke. If you want to tell it to a friend, do some work on your accents.