I felt a little restless today. I wanted to get back on the road although my leg was telling me it wasn’t ready. I’m not sure how it will go tomorrow, but I’m hoping the problem will iron itself out with some walking. This has been my experience up to now, however I’ll be starting out with more uncertainty than ever before, but with faith that those who are overseeing my journey will look after me.

I have got to get a new 3G internet, and mobile telephone service provider because the one I was using in Italy can’t be used in France. The internet literally stopped at the border. Fortunately Wi-Fi is generally available, although I’ve been to one hotel that didn’t have it. Some towns provide it as a public service. It’ll be a late start tomorrow because the only shop that provides this service was closed today.

It’s been one if thise days thats just drifted by. I lay on a bench seat in Place Emanuel outside my hotel, cap over my face, enjoying the warmth of the sun while wrapped in enough clothes for an Australian winter’s day. You can tell a local: they’re the ones in T-shirts, but not all of them are hardy types. Place Emanuel has erected in it a monument, described as a ‘modest’ one, commemorating the part played by the people of Barcelonnette and the valley for their part in the ‘intrepid defense of public liberty’. Very French.

Early this evening I went to a public internet point to download a document and to send bunch of photographs to the Gawler Foundation for uploading onto the website. The man who owned the business did what was necessary to send the photos. He charged me a very modest a��5 for the job. When I think it’s appropriate I hand over a copy of my brochure, which I did to Maz (not sure how he spells his name) who was speaking with me in English. He read it and we briefly chatted about the walk. He then handed me back my a��5 saying it was his donation. He searched for a word in English to describe what I was doing and then told me it was a noble thing. I thanked him for his generosity. These moments make what I’m doing all the more worthwhile. Holiday is a pummeling punk-rocker https://justbuyessay.com aimed squarely at president george w