What do you say when things fall into place? “I feel blessed”. Today I obtained a new internet and mobile phone service provider for France. Things weren’t going at all well because of a mutual lack of understanding between me and the shop owner. Enter Jacques and Catherine Charvet, a French couple from a nearby village who learned their English in Dubai and who have holidayed on the eastern seaboard of Autralia. Jacques, seeing my difficulty, began interpreting and before too long I got the services I wanted. But their kindness did not stop there. Jacques called my new mobile number to see if it was working and thereby leaving his number. This gesture was accompanied by an offer to help with the internet connection because there was going to be a delay with it and that delay might go beyond midday when the shop
closed. All I needed to do was call his mobile. I was to return at 11.45am for the
shop owner to try to get the connection completed. At the appointed time I was about to enter the shop when up walked Jacques and Catherine saying that they came back in case the shop owner had not been able to get the service connected. Such generosity overwhelms me. I’d earlier given them one of my flyers and invited them to have a look at my website. They may very well be reading about themselves in the next few hours.

In an account I wrote about how I came to walk the last eleven days with Anette and Denis on my pilgrimage in 2008 from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de
Compostela, I spoke about how occurrences like what occurred today are not coincidences. It might seem to some to be the convergence of two seemingly unrelated events that cause a particular outcome, but my view is that there is a greater force operating that puts people in the same place at the same time for a reason. Sometimes that reason is not obvious at the time. Today I needed help and I received it.

As I was leaving Barcelonnette I bought some glucosamine from a pharmacy. On my way out of the shop I saw a set of electronic scales. I was wearing my backpack. I
hopped on without my walking poles. 102.9kg. The last time I weighed myself in boots and walking clothes I was 75kg. So work out for yourself the weight of my pack and what I had in my pockets. Frightening. No wonder my legs are complaining.

Today’s walk, 20km, was a benign one: easy going road, not too much traffic, mountains on either side and to my front as I descended the valley, and the ever present river. There were times when I looked at the rapids, pictured myself in a
canoe, and imagined the course I would choose. I crashed into rocks a few time.
One thing I did have to contend with, and I didn’t imagine this, was a westerly wind which blew in my direction for about the first three hours of walking.

This area is something of a summer playground for canoeing, kayaking, rafting, paint ball and karting. There were numerous places advising one or more of these activities. Also, there are a lot more camping grounds than I saw in Italy, but none far enough along today’s path for me to be able to use. What do you get at a three star camping ground?

Around 5.00pm the sky darkened and there was more than a hint of rain. I expected to camp tonight, not having seen any sign of a hotel on Google maps. And what do you know? I walked into Le louzet about half an hour earlier than expected (I must have walked a little faster today) and there stood a hotel. As I was unpacking down came the rain. Not heavy, but enough to have been a nuisance had I been setting up camp. As I sat in the hotel bar around 7.45pm writing up my notes, the lightning flashed, the thunder roared, and down came the rain again. Today’s second blessing: being where I am and not in my tent.

I don’t want to go on and on each day about my crook right leg and take up more lines of type than Tony Lockett’s groin, but it did misbehave again. Despite this, it still helped get me 20km and it will get me to Santiago de Compostela, especially if it gets a mention in your prayers and meditations. Please, keep the energy rolling in. Gerne schreibe ich hausarbeit to https://hausarbeit-agentur.com/ aber auch kurzgeschichten und texte zu den verschiedensten themen