Sometime we are fortunate to just stumble upon places where there is something of significance. Today was one of those days when I decided I had to walk further than originally planned to put myself in a town where the was a hotel, having had two night’s of camping and feeling like I needed a shower, and a need to wash some clothes. More about this later.

I was awake early, around six, beating the sunsrise over the nearby hill. It was a cool start to the day. I like to take my time in the mornings, as much as is needed to do what has to be done and to do what I choose to do. This morning I got my photo descriptions up to date. Which reminds me while in Albissola Marina I sent
about 250 photos to the Gawler Foundation, some of which will find their way onto
the website, probably on the Media page where there are some already.

Last night didn’t go so well. I don’t know what it is about old buildings. Whether I’m inside them or on the outside like last night I never seem to sleep well. Last night’s choice was at the rear of a disused church on the outskirts of Priero. It must have something to do with the energy of these places. I never have the same problem if I have open space around me.

The other reason for not sleeping well was the pain from osteoarthritis (OA) in one of
my knees which needed a pain killer to get some relief. It was a timely reminder to me about my diet. OA is an inflammatory condition and I have been eating plenty of inflammatory foods like cheese and sugary pastries. Too much Omega 6 in these foods, and definitely not enough of the anti-inflammatory Omega 3′s in my current diet. At home I get my Omega 3′s from eating a vegan diet which includes soy products and flaxseed oil. Try getting those in Italy. Not only are what I’ve been eating bad for OA they are bad for cancer for the same reason. My body has told me
to change or suffer, so I’m off them as of today. On the way through Ceva I called into a pharmacy and stocked up on Omega 3 capsules and some other vitamins.

I’ve slightly changed my path to get to the French border: I’m now not going through
Cuneo, but south of it.

I took a food break around 11.30am and it was nearly one o’clock before I got going
again. From then on it was tough going. The temperature had to be in the mid 20′s all afternoon. I’ve come to a view about long straight roads: they’re an excellent way of building mental toughness, particularly on days like today when I had several of them and also because of he heat. After commencing to walk following my 11.30am
break I decided that I wouldn’t stop for an hour and a half no mater how I felt.

On this journey I’ve avoided placing arbitrary conditions upon myself like walking so
many kilometres per hour or reaching a place by a certain time. So why set an arbitrary walking period today? After all, it wasn’t a long time to walk without a break. The answer is simple. When I do it there is a voice in my head which challenges me to not achieve my objective. It says things like, ‘Why not take a break now?’, or ‘It looks like a good spot up ahead to stop’. Ignoring the voice is from where mental toughness is derived.

What a beautiful sight it was today to look up and see snow capped mountains ahead of me. I know I don’t have to cross them but I wonder how close I’ll get before turning south in France. The answer to this musing is not far off.

And finally for today’s treasure, the Sanctuario di Vicoforte. I’m in Vicoforte tonight in a hotel directly opposite the sanctuary. The outside of the sanctuary is imposing, but
the splendor of the inside is to behold. The sanctuary was once a place of pilgrimage. It has the largest elliptical cupola in the word measuring some 36 metres in diameter with some 6,000 square metres of frescoes. There is a central altar where a mass was being conducted when I visited around six o’clock. I wasn’t aware this place existed before today, but I’m so pleased I made a change of plans that put me here.
If you have average eyesight, the picture will look just fine