Reaching Genova is a milestone because it’s the most northerly point I’ll travel in Italy. My next major city, Cuneo, is due west and about 140km from Genova. From there it’s over the mountain pass into France.

It was quite an easy walk today with gentle rises and falls and the Mediterranean at times just metres to my left. I had my first and only break about two and a half hours into the day having completed around 11km. I sat near the ocean which was a pencil line on the horizon. There was a small child’s fair ground behind me – lots of laughter and smiles. There was an old man sitting to my left just enjoying the gentle sun. For most of the time we had the ocean front to ourselves. I enjoyed being able to walk on footpaths the whole of the way. From Recco to Genova is continuous housing. One community, which often gets its name from the name of a town, merges with the next. The Genova community commences about 10km from the city centre.

For most of the morning I’ve been re-writing in my mind another blog I’ll be posting later on tonight. I did a written draft of it a few days ago – wasn’t satisfied. My recent university studies reinforced the benefit of re-writing until you get it right. I hope it reads that way.

I found a pension in Piazza Colombo, just 50 metres for Via 20 September, a very main street with lots of shopping. Just near where I’m staying there is a market with literally dozens of stalls selling just fruit and vegetables. I’ve stocked up for
tomorrow’s walk, also getting some more cheese and bread – staples. I bought the most delicious half kilo of strawberries for a��2.50 and ate the lot while writing up my notes. I love the emphasis in Italy on fresh produce.

Genova is one big bustling city. Pity I’m not here longer to take a look around but even staying an extra day would not be anywhere near enough, and besides, I want to maintain the rhythm of walking. Looking at a map of the city I notice there are 11 churches, one of which has just been ringing it’s bells. After it finished letting us know it was 7.00pm it went on to play a tune. Unusual. I also noticed it has 42
palaces on the UNESCO world heritage list, if I’m reading the map correctly.

I feel like I’ve completed a significant part of my journey although it is only around 600km that I’ve walked. I’m so looking forward to crossing into France, but first there’s tomorrow’s walk which should see me in a camping ground tomorrow night. He viewed the song’s unrelenting optimism as a counterpoint to the negative themes that typically wove their way buy web sites into his songs and as an antidote to the inherently negative vibes of the time