As I commenced to write up my notes for the day the rain started again. It’s about 6.30pm and I’ve been in my tent for about half an hour sheltering from the rain and settling in for the night. I think I’ve said it before- there is something cosy and secure about being in a small tent. I’ve felt it each time I’ve camped.

Today I truly walked with nature. I saw beautiful valleys and rivers running over rocky ledges. I walked country lanes and roads carved out of the sides of mountains. I crossed old stone bridges and passed sheer rock faces that dropped to the edge of the roadway, and I could smell the pine as I walked by forests. What an amazing journey to experience this in one day.

For the second day in a row my right leg was well behaved, but I did a lot of visualisations and imagery to keep it that way by using all the available energy to heal a sore spot, or pain, or discomfort as it appeared. It was soon gone. Yes, trust in the process.

As I walked from Solonnet towards Seyne I saw a sign for a camping ground. It was the ground I’d intended to stay last night. Nothing of note registered with me. I then came to an intersection where there was another sign for the same ground. The
thought then occurred to me that I may not have to go in(to) Seyne today. I decided to take this alternative route which ended up saving me about a kilometre of walking. Now there is more to this than some random thought just appearing in my mind. There is guidance happening here. I have been guided by my guide many times on this journey. I won’t go into details now, but in the near future I will do a separate blog about my guide and when we first had contact. Suffice it is to say that they are there for everyone. You just have to believe ithe process

I was considering today how well I eat while on the road. Yes, I did go off track for a while in Italy, but take my 11.00am meal as representative: ryvita type biscuits with
tomato, stuffed olives, banana, walnuts, almonds, and the most beautiful big, soft prunes I bought at the Saturday markets in Barcelonnette. Or tonight when I had lettuce, tomato, white beans and tuna in olive oil, all dressed with balsamic vinegar, followed by walnuts, almonds, prunes and raisins for desert.

There were times in today’s walk when it was quite cool, especially when I descended into a valley after midday. Prior to that I had a good couple of hours of steep climbing and it’s hard to keep cool when you’re doing that. The rain threatened
around one but it didn’t amount to much. I was surprised to see a restaurant/bar in Auzet so I stopped for a baguette and mineral water. Soon after I did the rain came down, but not for long. By the time I got back on the road it was dry again.

I’m camping in a small paddock tonight. I have a row of bushes behind me to give visual protection from the roadway. To one side about 40 metres away is a stone house. As I walked past it a little earlier I noticed the driveway covered with weeds and all the shutters closed. No ones been there for a while. The idea is to select a location where my presence is not obvious and tonight’s campsite is one of those.

I took my breaks today and my body feels all the better for them.

There were those who supported the war on terror and there were those who the business opposed it