It rained during the night. I didn’t hear a thing during my long, undisturbed sleep. I woke to an overcast day. When I left to walk it was 13 degrees and I didn’t get up a sweat until I’d done about 10km, such was the coolness of the morning.

I visited the Sanctuario before leaving. I took some photographs but they didn’t turn out to be of such good quality because the lighting in the building was out. Even with the lack of lighting it still loked a place of rare beauty.

I haven’t taken many wrong turns but I managed two today putting on an extra half hour of walking. My original intention was to go just 12km and stop for the night at
Roccaforte Mondovi because I had a few things to do on the internet and I neded the time to do them. My Google maps showed this town to have to have three hotels. There were none.

When we walk a journey like I am walking a lot is about the mind – how determined and fixed it can be one minute, and then how flexible it can be in accommodating a sudden changes of circumstances. My focus when I set out this morning was that I
only had 12km to do and my attitude to the walk was locked into that distance. However, when I realized there were no hotels in Roccaforte Mondovi I was presented with a choice of camping there or moving on a further 7km to where I am tonight. The choice seemed easy, I adjusted my thinking and moved on.

I am now in the snow country. While i was walking I tried to imagine the lush green fields and hills blanketed with snow. It was quite difficult. The feel of this country is that it is geared up for winter activities and that spring and summer are mere respites from what those cold, short days bring with them. I am one of just three
guests at the hotel which was closed when I arrived a bit after 4.00pm. I wandered around a little, bought some supplies from a small shop, and was about to head out of town to find a campsite when I noticed the doors opened. I ventured out of the hotel around 8.30pm for a walk. It was very cold, which made my decision to sleep indoors seem like a sound one. However, there are still quite a few more days in the mountains and I shudder to think of what cool nights they may bring.

Chiusa di Pesio is at the base of a valley. It sits at 595m. Up the valley the peaks reach more than 2,400m. The rivers and streams are flowing with the run-off from
the melting snow. In town yesterday I saw a man with fishing rod taking on his quarry around a weir that is built near a bridge crossing into town. No luck for him.

I’ve chosen 20km walks until I reach Barcelonnete in France. Looking at the map at least two or three of them will be camping. Not a hotel in sight. I hope to be surprised. This means that to a more average eye, pixels smaller than this are unresolved