If I thought yesterday was hot it had nothing on today. It felt like a 35 degree day and my fluid loss and continuously wet shirt suggested it. I cut short my walk at Urt having completed just 17 km. I’m at the Etche-Zahar camping ground located wthin Urt, which is unusual because these places are normally on the outskirts or well out of town. A husband and wife run the ground which has cabins and cabin-sized permanent tents. I was met by the wife with a cold bottle of water and some friendly and informative chat. I’m camped next to some woods and have been told about the deer that come into the ground to feed during the night. Since leaving Rome I’ve seen dozens and dozens of signs warning that deer could cross the road. I’ve seen just one deer along the whole of the way. Maybe number two will appear tonight.

I called into Hastingues to buy some food. When I made enquiries about the location of a shop I was told it may be shut because the whole village had a get together last night and the proprietor may not have opened. It was open and I was told that the reason for the get together was to raise money for the village children to go on a seaside holiday. I saw a photo of them. They numbered about twenty. Isn’t it wonderful how a whole village of people can come together to do something altruistic like they did.

The River L’Adour was on my right for the whole of my walk today. From where I stayed last night it arcs to the south-west for about 16km. It’s fed from the east by three other rivers which get their water from the Pyrenees. In some sections it would be 200 metres wide. I saw a lot of points where farmers were pumping water from it to use on their crops. It eventually flows into the Atlantic north of Bayonne. It has all the usual activities like fishing, boating and houses on its banks, although development along the part I saw today lessened the further I moved west. The division between Landes, the province to the north, and the province of Pyrenees Atlantique to the south is an imaginary line down the centre of the river. The line stops before reaching Bayonne. Where I am tonight is on the eastern edge of French Basque country.

I stopped to eat quite early on at a picnic table by the water’s edge. A man and his wife were nearby with four rods in the river trying to catch dinner. After eating I rested my head on the table and didn’t wake for 40 minutes.

Since entering the camping ground I would have drunk at least 4lt of fluids. It’s been one of those days. I’m told there are plenty of camping grounds on the Atlantic coast south of Bayonne. I should be in one tomorrow night. I do intend to call into the
Cathedral Saint Marie in Bayonne tomorrow, but I’ll still be in Spain on Tuesday afternoon. Hierzu zhlen insbesondere die bereiche kind & erziehung, tier- & pflanzenwelt, hobby & freizeit ghostwriting hausarbeit sowie mode & lifestyle