This afternoon I hit Kiwifruit territory. I grew up calling this fruit the Chinese Gooseberry. It had been cultivated in Southern China for centuries before the New Zealanders renamed it Melonette for marketing reasons in the 1950′s and then the Kiwifruit in 1962, but they didn’t have the wit to register it as an international trademark.

Tonight I’m in a very small camping ground which is actually the lawns of a Chinese Gooseberry farm with plenty of trees for shade. There’s just four caravans and me. How good was it to shower, shave and change my clothes after a week. Indescribable. Unlike a lot of other camping grounds I didn’t have to keep pressing a
button to make the hot water work. I shouldn’t complain, out by the side of the road there aren’t any butttons to press. Opposite the camping ground is your genuine Aussie river, green and wide, with grass to the water’s edge and muddy banks. I saw people fishing it this afternoon. Another activity that will have to wait.

I bought myself a jar of Chinese Gooseberry jam and had it on bread, along with a cup of green tea with dinner. It’s local. Made at Sorde l’Abbaye, the name of a village a few kilometres away from here. If you’re eating this type of jam there’s a good chance it could come from Italy, the largest producer of Chinese Gooseberries in the world.

I carried another back breaking pack today. I stocked up at my first stop, Habas (5km point) for fear that shops further along might not be open when I arrived
because it’s Saturday. When I arrived at Labatut (11km point), after a visit to the patisserie, I made my way to a park in the grounds of the local council where a caretaker showed me the location of a power point I could access to recharge my iPad. I moved my gear from the park to the rugby oval where I found an even better location at an open canteen which gave me shelter from the sun and very
comfortable seating.

It was a hot walk this afternoon. When I arrived at Peyrehorde (20km point) it was 30 degrees. I found a bar and had a beautifully refreshing pot of mint tea. Where I am tonight is about 2km further along from there. I am looking forward to arriving in Spain next Tuesday.

Persnlich zeichnen mich hohe Klicken Sie jetzt hier lernbereitschaft, bisweilen eine gepfefferte portion neugierde und absolute zuverlssigkeit aus