The internet was very poor where I stayed last night so I didn’t get my blog completed until around 12.30am, and it was after one before I got to sleep. Not waking until 8.30am guaranteed me a late start. To top things off I still had my washing to do. I finally started walking shortly after 10.30am with a very heavy pack made more heavy with wet washing.

Today was one of those rare days when I didn’t feel like walking. This is where self-discipline comes to the fore. I’ve decided I want to cross the Spanish border by the 28th June so I have to walk each day to make that target manageable. As of tonight it’s 159km to Irun, my first Spanish destination.

I commenced to write up my notes for this blog around 8.00pm sitting at a park
bench with my tent pitched beside it. When I tell you about this afternoon’s part of the walk you’ll agree that this camp site is gold, pure gold. Mind you, I’m only about 20 metres from the road and well within view of it. I could have gone into an adjacent wooded area but the ground was too rough. Where my tent is now is lush, green, soft grass. Pure gold. It’s still quite hot. I was sitting in shorts and thongs until around 9.20pm when I started typing the blog. The sun’s now gone and as I look to the south the sky is filled with rain which is moving in my direction. It’s been a real summer evening.

It was a good camping ground I was at last night. Then hosts we generous and hospitalable. The facilities were clean. It had lots of trees and plenty of shade. The proprietors are Dutch and it appears to attract a lot of Dutch tourists. Despite all the benefits of a camping ground I still prefer the side of the road. It’s more adventurous, not that I need too much adventure at age 63, and there is a feeling of freedom doing it this way. It’s me and my few possessions and I’m responsible to just to myself.

My first stop today was at Fusterouau where I got my washing partially dry while I ate. The drying got finished off this evening by spreading it out on another park bench in the fading sun. The feeling of not wanting to walk today was exacerbated late this afternoon after I’d completed my first 11km. It was then I got onto another gun-barrel straight road for the next 9km. To make things more difficult, it was flat as the proverbial pancake. All the ingredients were there to make it a miserable part of the walk: straight, flat road, hot afternoon and plenty of approaching traffic. It must be a couple of weeks since I’ve had to face a barrage of approaching cars and
trucks. I think they suck the energy from me as they pass.

I’ve started to think that my body might just be tired and the nightly rests are not enough to get it back to where it should be evey day. After all, I’m now well over the 1,500km point. But then again, I have days like yesterday when I knocked out 28km and felt on top of the world at the end of it. And yesterday’s walk was full of hills.

I’ve noticed the crops are more advanced this side of Toulouse. The sun flowers have full heads and some are beginning to flower. In the last two days I’ve seen crops being harvested. Vineyards have re-appeared.

I’m not more than a kilometre west of Saint-Germe tonight. On the way through I called into the only business in the village, a bar/Tabac (tobacconist) where I smashed down an iced tea, half a litre of water and two chocolate croissants. The fluids were needed and the croissants were just to satisfy a desire to not be disciplined all then time.

I’m going to finish off here. The storm clouds have been building while I’ve been typing and there is lightning flashing all around me. I’m sitting at the park bench
using my headlamp to read my notes. I’ve started to feel a little uncomfortable about a possible connection between my iPad and the lightning. Got to go. Samsung has also conceded that the retina display on iphone 4 is marginally better than the super amoled screen on samsung galaxy s