Before writing this blog I didn’t know how much of it I would include because of it’s personal nature, but I decided to go ahead with what I had included in my notes.

I’m feeling very sad tonight having said goodbye to Vincent this morning in Auch. I think my sadness is accentuated because I am by myself tonight camped by the side of the road with my thoughts as my only company.

I visited the cathedral before leaving Auch. I’ve seen grander churches but it is still impressive. A service was about to commence while I was there. One of my reasons for the visit was to light a candle in thanks to all those people who have sent me
healing energy and well wishes. I selected a candle, lit it, and placed it in a stand. It was only then that I noticed that the side altar where I had placed it was dedicated to St. Bernadette. Bernardette was Vincent’s late mother’s name. It causes me great sadness on occasions that this young man has been denied his mother since age five because she made a choice to prematurely leave this earth plane. At one point today while walking I remonstrated with Bernardette for not being here to see her boy grow up into a fine young man. I cried then and I’ve been crying as I prepared my notes and typed up this blog.

I’ve cheered myself by thinking of the joy that Vincent is experiencing in France, especially the time he has had in Paris and the feeling of excitement he must have at the prospect of returning there on Monday where he will catch up with newly made friends, both Parisians and those from oth countries, as well as exploring the city some more.

I’ve certainly chosen a path less trod, hardly having seen anyone since leaving Auch. The country I walked through today couldn’t be more rural. I’m camped near one of
those giant rolls of hay at the edge of a field, with a panoramic view of the hillsides
to the east as they climb away from the valley I came out of. My position is a little exposed to the wind but it’s the best I could do at 7.00pm when stopped walking.

In the past 1,500km I’ve seen countless signs warning that deer may cross the road. I hadn’t seen one until today when I rounded a corner. It became startled by my presence and ran off into the undergrowth. I was met along the way by a group of four horses. They were busy grazing as I passed them. The next thing I knew they came running along the fence line to catch up with me. They stood and looked in my direction. I stopped and talked to them. I may not speak Italian or French but I do
quite well at Horse.

It’s been a hot day for walking but I’ve taken my share of breaks. Not far out of Auch there was a beautifully quiet forest where I stopped to eat. The silence was only interrupted by the sounds of the birds.

My maps suggest there is not a sizable town, just a few very small villages, for about 80km. I’m assuming I can’t get water or food for three days. I’m carrying enough of
both for that long, but sometimes the very small villages have a habit of surprising
me with what is available in them. I wait in expectation. Now, new high resolution pictures of iphone 4 published by prominent silicon valley blogger, robert scoble seem to confirm these claims