I felt sad first thing this morning when I thought about this being my last day walking with Vincent. The feeling soon passed as I got on with my day.

It was another late start because we weren’t as prepared as we should have been, not having gone to the supermarket yesterday and stocked up on food for today. We had to wait until nine for it to open. There is one thing that is important on this journey and that is to be well prepared, especially going into a Sunday when just about every shop is closed, except for bread shops which will open for a few hours in the morning.

We managed 12km before our first food break, outside a closed for good restaurant which looked like it once catered for truck drivers. There were a couple of drivers taking a sleep, much the same as you would see in the vicinity of those 24 hours a day country Australian service stations.

When looking at the maps it first appeared as though we would be walking beside a main road all day, however, for a lot of the way we managed to use a road now
under construction. It was still a dirt base. There was more of that beautiful countryside in shades of green and gold. It rained a little, but not enough to trouble us.

Vincent walked ahead of me for most of the day. He has found a pace and rhythm that suits him. Every now and en he would wait for me to catch up to him. Everyone should walk at their own pace. Cardinal rule of walking.

Today felt like one that just ground away. I knew we had to reach Auch from where Vincent will get a train to Toulouse tomorrow. It was a hard day for me doing about 4km more than what I like to walk in a day. I was so pleased to reach a hotel
around. 5.30pm. Our room has a bathtub so I had a good soak.

I’ve looked at the map for tomorrow for the last leg from here to Irun, a Spanish city just inside the border with France. The path I’ve chosen is not on one of the traditional routes which take pilgrims down to Pau and onto Saint John Pied de Port, or further south where the path enters Spain on a different route over the Pyrenees. My route is almost due west. I can’t see too many villages, but a lot of villages do not appear on Google maps. This has been my experience to date. All this amounts to a bit of camping. I’m actually looking forward to renewing my friendship with it.

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