We had some beautiful walking conditions this morning after clearing L’Isle-Jourdain. There were dirt tracks between fields of wheat, sunflowers and corn. The wheat won’t have long before it is harvested, while the sunflowers and corn have some way to go. I looked closely at the sunflowers which are more advanced than any crop I’ve seen in the past week. When I looked closely I saw that at the base of each of them they looked like they had been individually watered around the base of the stem. What I think happens is that moisture from the night air gathers on the leaves then
runs down the stems to the ground watering the roots. How clever is that! Isn’t nature wonderful how it finds ways for living things to survive.

Our first and only food break was after just two hours of walking. Vincent didn’t make breakfast and by this time he was starving. We had a beautiful view over the fields and a crop water storage dam which is one of the very few I have seen. This afternoon’s walk into Gimont was three straight stretches of about 3km each, joined with a bend or two.

At our meal break Vincent and I had some great laughs by recalling scenes from comedy movies we both love. This afternoon I shared with him some of my
experiences from Vietnam. I’m o’kay to talk about it now but it took me the best part of 35 years to get to this point. Vincent has met quite a number of the members of my platoon by attending a couple of Anzac Day reunions at country towns. (As I re-read this paragraph my eyes filled with tears. I guess this is a legacy I may always have to deal with.)

I had a horror time yesterday with my right leg. I’ve self-diagnosed (with the help of the internet) and come to the conclusion that it is an inflamed tibialis anterior muscle, the big one that runs down the outside of the lower leg from the knee to the
shin. Obviously I can’t give it a long rest which would heal it. I’ve bought some deep heat ointment and a bandage. I’ll experiment with the bandage tonight. Anyone who would like to send me some healing energy I’d love it to be directed to this point. Last night I needed four pain killers to help me get an uninterrupted sleep, which I got. What is so curious is that it gave me no problems today.

Last night’s hotel was very expensive, certainly so compared with tonight’s. It got me thinking about the law of diminishing returns which all you economists will identify. I explain it by the example of the person who gets to eat 10 ice creams on
a very hot day. The first will be absolutely delicious but by the time they get to number ten ice cream the amount of satisfaction obtained from it will probably be zero. It’s the same with hotels. I get a lot of satisfaction by getting a clean room, fresh sheets and a hot shower. Whatever the price, all hotels provide this and it doesn’t matter (at least to me) how many bells and whistles they add in the form of decor, fittings, floor coverings and the like, my level of satisfaction does not increase accordingly. Why am I bothering to mention this? Because there is an ego aspect involved here and Vincent and I were talking about ego today.

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