As I was walking into Soussens I took a road leading up to Clinique de Soussens. I’d spied some land that looked like it could have been a good camping area and so I went to investigate. It was perfect but just as I was about to settle on a spot I heard talking on a loudspeaker so I went to see where the noise was coming from in the village. The noise wasn’t from the village which was deathly quiet. I found out later from a banner hung by the roadside that it was likely coming from a nearby village Bourg-Saint-Bernard which was having a fete. Now why give up a perfectly good spot to camp and then have to walk another 3km to find one not nearly as good? The answer is that I secretly wanted there to be a hotel in Soussens which is really why I walked on. When committed to a plan, stick with it as it will probably be
the best plan, at least for the day.

It was a 10.00am start. Breakfast did not begin until 8.15am and I had to try just about everything. The late starts don’t seem to bother me if I know I am going to camp that night. Darkness does not come until around 10.00pm and it’s not like I’ve got somewhere to go after arriving at the campsite. As I left Puylaurens it was sunny with a light, cool breeze blowing. There were beUtifull valley views to the south. As I walked further towards Toulouse I was constantly greeted by countryside looking like it was covered with a tapestry in various shades of green and gold. Just beautiful.

I’ve now walked into a predominantly grain crop growing area, however, there are also vast areas of sunflowers. At first I did not know what they were but later on this afternoon I noticed some of these very recognisable flowers scattered through one paddock, in particular. What a spectacular picture this will make when these crops are in full bloom.

This afternoon I walked a gun barrel straight 4km length of road. A road as straight and long as this one must be rare in a district which is full of valleys and hills. What
made it a little special were the rows of Plane trees that extended its full length on both sides, and beyond. I think the Plane tree must rival the roundabout for prevalence in France.

I’m very excited about tomorrow when I meet up with my son Vincent who is getting a train down from Paris where he has been for the past 10 days. He’ll arrive late evening by which time I will have arrived, booked into a hotel, cleaned up, and be ready to head out to one of the many vegetarian restaurants in Toulouse. My first in France. I’m not sure that Vincent will be all that rapt about my choice of food but it will be a good introduction to what he will be eating on the road with me.
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