Last night’s lightning was quite startling, but I felt safe inside my little tent. It fascinates me how something as fragile as a tent could make me feel as secure as I did. There was a little rain during the night. I woke to a dull day with the prospect of more rain. The rain came just as I got to Barcelonne-du-Gurs. Fortunately I was alongside a giant supermarket when the rain started so I made my way inside, did some food shopping, and then propped on a bench seat in the entrance area where I ate while my iPad recharged on a power point I’d seen on the way in.

While under shelter at the supermarket I called my friend Naomi in Sydney who has spent the past ten days in St Vincent’s Hospital following emergency surgery. She
has been dealing with a particularly difficult cancer for some time now and more was found during the operation. I’d like everyone who reads this blog to send Naomi a prayer, or healing energy, or a get-well thought. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. It all helps. Anyone in her situation can use all the help available.

After my call I stepped out into the rain but by the time I got to Aire Sur d’Adour it had stopped. I found a pharmacy where the assistant spoke English so it made getting vitamins particularly easy. On the way through this town I saw four other pilgrims. On the footpaths were attached numerous plaques with the name of the
town and the Camino scallop shell within a triangle with the apex pointing in the direction a pilgrim should take. I followed them for a while. I think they were leading to Pau, a town through which pilgrims walking one of the French paths would go on their way to St. Jean Pied de Port.

I allowed myself 24km today but by the time I had walked that distance there was no suitable campsite so I continued on for another 2km until I found one. I’m surrounded by corn on three sides with a giant, thick hedge on the fourth side. The hedge is the rear boundary of a property that I’m going to camp behind. I can hear
it’s occupants but they’re unaware of my presence. I’ve got a small area about 4m x 4m where the tent will go up.

It’s now gone 7.30pm. I’ll eat and then hoist the tent. There won’t be much more happening in this neck of the woods tonight. It’ll be an early one for me.

Every artist responded to the tragedy in his or her own way