I walked out of the hotel into a beautiful sunny morning. There were a few clouds but they soon cleared. I felt in great spirits despite yesterday's effort and having only five hours sleep. I headed to the waterfront to try to pick up the yellow arrowed path out of the city. The beach was full of walkers and the surfers were trying their luck on very modest waves. I had the trail for a little while but lost it. I then headed for the first village on my list that the way was to pass thirough. No luck there do I got out my iPad and plotted my own course.

On the main road to Aviles I saw a way marked for those doing the Camino on pushbikes. I decided to follow it. But something to eat first. With all my efforts to
try to pick up the trail it took me 2 hours to cover just 4km. While I was eating I
checked the road that the bike riders would take and saw the name of a village that was on the walkers' path that day. I felt that the two paths would either cross or meet. They met. It was a very joyful feeling I felt to get back onto the path and see other pilgrims.

Some roads we walk are quite ugly. When I got to about 10km from Aviles there were potentially two ways to take into that city: one was via a bitumen road and the other a dirt path. I chose the latter after checking out the road and not liking what I
saw. After a short time on the dirt path I took a side track thinking it may provide a quicker way. I was about 15 minutes along the side path when it became no track at all. After 25 minutes in total I decided to go back to the bitumen road and start again. I didn't want a repeat of yesterday. The last 10km was through industrial zones before reaching the outskirts of Aviles. That's why it was an ugly walk.

Of course, the good weather didn't last: the sun disappeared, the clouds came out and it rained for a lot of the balance of the day. Because I hadn't left the hotel, until 11.00am, it was 8.00pm before I arrived at the albergue in Aviles. After showering and shopping it was nearly 10.00pm before I sat down to eat and just after midnight before I got to bed.

It was a forgettable day but suppose we have to have them to keep this journey in perspective.

It captures the bittersweet exhaustion of a night drawing down, a night that you’ve looked further info forward to for so long that its nearing conclusion can’t help but feel like a letdown