If only we knew at the start of the day how things would finish up at the end of it. I got away to a 7.40am start: nothing unusual about that. I decided to take things easily after yesterday's efforts. Taking things easily often means a long day on the road. It was, but not only for that reason. You'd have thought I'd grown a different right leg overnight: I had no problems at all with it today. I'm really puzzled how it misbehaves one day but not the next.

I had the boots off after just an hour and a half of walking. A light rain had started to fall. It was a cool morning and 20 degrees. I took refuge from the rain under an awning of a church, ate, and looked a the giant paving stones and wondered what
stories they could tell.

A little time after resuming walking I came upon a section of the track whkch led down to a creek. The natural light was dimmed by the tree cover, the vegetation was quite thick up to the edge of the track, and he air was quiet. Instantly I was taken back to the Jungle Training Camp which the Australian Army ran at Canungra in Queensland where I did a three week course before being sent to Vietnam. There have been so many occasions on this journey where places, events or objects have triggered past memories, but I guess life's like that wherever you are.

Later on in the morning I walked beside a creek. It was a beautiful section of the path. Probably the best so far is Spain. Sometimes it was so quiet you could not hear the water running then it would announce itself as it tumbled over a small, rocky outcrop of stones. It was quiet today, even for a Sunday. I went by quite a number of villages and saw very few people. Where do they go and what do they do on Sundays?

Everything was going well. I'd had a second break. I don't know where it occurred but I lost my way at the top of the mountain before the descent. I descended in the opposite direction than I should have putting me about 4km south of Gernka. I had to hoof it back into town via the road. I only knew I was off track when a man told me I was going the wrong way to get to Gernika. By the time I got to the albergue all 40 beds we taken. My initial feeling was one of loss at the prospect not being in the company of other pilgrims for the night but I thought about the scores of nights I've spent alone on this journey and the feeling soon passed. I was told about a
pension in Gernicka where I am now at a��20 a night.

Nothing is ever as bad as it first seems. During the day I'd thought it did not make sense to carry to Bilbao all the gear I intended to post to Santiago de Compostela. I could post it in Gernika. What do you know the post office is just 50 metres down the street from the pension, much, much closer than the albergue. I've been dosn to have a look and found it opens at 8.30am: early by Spanish standards. Now I have the opportunity of holding onto my room while I sort out the postal issue, something i would not be permitted to do at the albergue. And the pension is much closer to the
route I have to take out of the town to Bilbao. The owners of the pension have a bar/restaurant a little way up the street. I had a delicious pilgrim meal there tonight. Mistakes can turn ino good fortune. I feel blessed.
In the last few days, we have already seen photos of the front panel and other parts of the white next generation iphone