I had a very leisurely start to the day. After feasting on a hotel breakfast for over an hour I started the day's walk close to 11.30am. You have to have days like this. They help to keep things in balance.

The first part of today's walk was incredibly peaceful as i found my way through another eucalypt forest on a single file path not much more than half a metre wide in places with vegetation over head high. There was just the occasional bird call to punctuate the silence. After the forest came views of the ocean. These coastal areas are nothing like I've seen in Australia: here farmland can reach to near the sea.

About 5km from where I am tonight the Camino wound its way through a tiny village down a slope to near a beach. While at a high point I photographed the beach with its headland background. On the wall of the albergue is an almost identical photograph that is captioned, 'View from the Camino'. Life's like that.

Today I was thinking about the food I've eaten these past few months. Tonight's meal was typical of those I eat when at albergues where cooking facilities on this coastal route are almost non-existent: salad (lettuce, cucumber and tomato) and
tinned tuna. Tonight I added asparagus and anchovies for a little variation. I've been carrying balsamic vinegar since early days in Italy and don't eat a salad without it. Of the three cuisines the Italians get my vote. They do a simple salad, and pasta incredibly well. My Camino favorite is spaghetti vongole. The Italian cuisine can easily accommodate a vegetarian. French cuisine would frighten any vegan with their sauces and cheese, and it's a toss-up between the Spanish and Brasilians as to who eats the most meat.

It was a short walk today, but an enjoyable one. The albergue is part of an old
school. It has only 22 beds, not all of which have been taken. I had to register at the local bar where my credential was stamped. Late this afternoon I returned to the bar and watched the last 45 minutes the Tour de France. It's been a while since I've had time to do something relaxing like this after a day's walk. I'm planning more of them.

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