Here are a few Camino ‘statistics’ I thought I should share with you:

1. I was on the road for 127 days.
2. I walked for 116 days.
3. I had 11 rest days, but only 2 because of injury (blistered toe).
4. I walked non-stop from Toulouse to Santiago de Compostela, some 52 days.
5. The journey was a little more than 2,500km.
6. I walked an average of 22km/day.
7. Until Bilbao (July 5) my backpack weighed about 28kg, after which it was 15kg.
8. I spent 58 nights in hotels/B&B’s/pensions, 33 nights camping (5 in camping
grounds), 29 nights in albergues (1 in France and 28 in Spain), 5 nights with friends,
and 1 night in the home of a stranger.
9. I had one blister for the whole of the journey, and that was on day 3. It took until day 14 for it to completely heal.
10. I never fell once in either Italy or France, but about 4 times in Spain (3 of these times in the space of about 20 minutes).
11. I always used 2 walking poles.
12. I never got sunburnt once.
13. I always wore shorts, long-sleeved shirt, hat and sunscreen daily.
14. I hand washed my walking clothes around 60 times.
15. My ‘going-out’ long trousers only got washed twice in 4 months.
16. I wore 1 pair of boots for the entire journey, the current condition of which could be described as ‘trashed’.
17. I never wore deodorant for 127 days. Body odour is not something regarded with distaste on the Camino. It’s the one thing everyone has in common.
18. I took 750 photographs along the way.
19. I posted a story on my blog for every day of the journey.
20. I lost 7kg of weight in the first 2 weeks.
21. I have lost muscle mass, particularly in my thighs. (Vegetarians don’t have too
much muscle mass to lose. Have you ever seen an overweight vegetarian?)
22. A 32″R waist is now a lose fit.
23. On most walking days in Italy and France I drank around 5 litres of water a day.
24. I ate a salad (lettuce, tomato and cucumber) almost every day.
25. I never met another Australian on the road during my entire journey.
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