Today felt like a Saturday: the relaxed feeling you get after a full week. I changed pousadas which meant walking 150 metres down the street with suitcase in tow. Pousada Luz Divina has changed little since I was last here in January 2010. The dining area has been expanded. It's all under roof but it feels like it is outside the main building to which it's attached.

I had a 70 minute massage at 9.15am. Again, I floated out of the room and made my way to the Casa to do an hours meditation after stopping off at the pousada along the way.

The largest group at the pousada are Norwegians. I had lunch with John, one of the Norwegians. We discussed my healing regime and hypethermia. He was very interested for his sister's sake. She is still going through the full 'medical catastrophe' for breast cancer: mastectomy, lymph mode removal and massive doses of chemotherapy. Not surprisingly, the cancer has not been arrested.

Statistics indicate that the curative rate for breast cancer using chemotherapy is
between 2 & 3%. At best this therapy is palliative: it will just slow the progress of the disease. If you went to the races and a trainer (read trainer as specialist doctor who is in the know) said a particular horse had a 2-3% chance of winning you would not back it. Why do people keep backing chemotherapy with the same sort of odds?

Perhaps they are not told the odds. If they were surely they would ask, “What other choices do I have?” I suspect that a lot of western trained medical practitioners are ill-equipped to answer this question.

I feel blessed that I have never been afraid to try something different: not afraid to reject medical orthodoxy for both my cancers. I've never had a sick day from any of my therapies. I don't know anyone who has taken a conventional approach who can make this claim.

I did just two hours of meditation today, but I did have an afternoon walk.

It's taken me a few days to get around to these notes. Any difficulty in recall is assisted by repitition. I did three hours of meditation today, the last hour starting at 7.30pm outside and to the side of the main hall of the Casa's assembly hall where I sat in a cool evening breeze. Each day I go into the sun to get my vitamin D. Meal times at the pousada are 7.00am, midday and 6.00pm.

My first activity of the day was to attend the waterfall with a group who come from the UK. I now eat all my meals with them. The waterfall is about a 20 minute walk from the pousada. It's a place of healing and cleansing. It is now the dry season. There was no where near the amount of water coming over the rocks as was the case when I was last here during the wet season, and it was much colder to stand under than previously. In fact, it was quite breath taking: literally. A couple of minutes was sufficient. It's a place where men and women can walk to near the waterfall together, but attend the fall separately.

I managed three hours of meditation today, a half hour of which was at the waterfall. This afternoon I had a pedicure and a manicure: showing a little love towards myself.

I'm reading a collection if writings by Christopher Hitchens: 'Arguably'. It was a light
on meditation day: just two and a quarter hours. I got my usual dose of Vitamin D in the sun while in the garden if the pousada, and I gave myself a little more love by having another 70 minute massage.

I'm enjoying meal times much more now that there is conversation – a definite change from my previous pousada where I read at meal times.
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