Today I did four, one hour meditation sessions and a half hour between 8pm and 9pm. I enjoy these hour long sessions: some appear to pass quite quickly while others less so, but they don't 'drag on' as has been my experience in the past. I think if you have in the back of your mind at the commencement of a meditation that you have something else to do it's going to be a source of constant distraction. Here in Abadiania I have no such distractions: when I am doing a meditation that is all there is to do.

There is another energy process available at the Casa: the crystal bed/bath. A woman I know in Australia has one which I used before my first trip to Abadiania in 2009. It is a series of seven colored lights which shine through crystals. The colours are those of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each crystal/light combination is mounted on an arm. When you lie on the bed each combination is position above the seven main chakras: crown, third eye, throat (communication), heart, solar plexus, reproductive and base. Each session lasts twenty minutes and costs R20 ($12). I had plenty of them in my two previous visits.
It's not difficult to drift off while under the lights/crystals. I'm yet to have one on this visit, but that will happen.

I enquired this evening why my room had not been cleaned since my arrival. I was told, for the first time, “We clean the rooms three times week but you have to leave your key at the front desk”. Information: the lifeblood of communication.


You can definately feel the village come alive on Tuesdays. There are more people on the streets; buses arrive with those seeking healing; taxis deliver their passengers to the pousadas from the airport at Brasilia; and there are those who have been here for a week or longer. They all have one thing in common: they are looking forward to Wednesday at the Casa, some with apprehension because it will be their first time, and others with relish because they've already experienced its healing and wonder.

The vegetable cutting was so crowded with volunteers by the time I arrived I was told I was not needed. So I headed to the main hall to do the first of three one hour meditations for the day.

I am enjoying my afternoon walk. I've picked out some hills where I can get my heart rate up to around 160 bpm for about 20 minutes. Gee the countryside is dry. In the late afternoon clouds formed over most of the sky but they never looked like
they'd deliver any rain.

I had a unique experience this afternoon- unique for my time in Brasil, that is. It's one of those things you don't want to have to confront when overseas, especially in a small place like Abadiania. I'm talking about getting medical attention. I probably
picked up a DVT on the flight over. This is something I'd be onto immediately if I was at home seeing my doctor, having an ultrasound, and getting onto the drug warfarin. I've had experience of this condition after a previous overseas trip. They can be fatal, to put a not too fine a point on it.

So who do you go to? A taxi driver of course. Mateus has a taxi business. I have used him on all my visits here getting to and from Brasilia airport. He speaks English. I thought I'd have to go to Anapolis, a big city to the south-west of here. I got a taxi with a driver who spoke a little English but who was to call Mateus if any translations were needed for me.

When we arrived at the clinic the doctor was sitting around looking very relaxed, unlike doctors in the conveyor-line image of some Sydney surgeries. He spoke some English but it took a little time to get him to understand I needed an ultrasound, and a re-supply of the injections I take for air travel, and which I can use if I actually do have a DVT. While he saw a mother and baby I got driven to a local pharmacy where I was able to order my injections: no script needed. In Australia these same injections cost a little less than $6.00 for a box of ten (PBS subsidised). Here each injection is going to cost $30.00. Back to the doctor where I paid my R50 (no receipt) and got a referral to a clinic in Anapolis for an ultrasound, which are only performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No need to take a detailed history. All that was necessary was my name and whether I'd previousy had a DVT. I've got a taxi ordered for after lunch on Thursday to take me to the Anapolis clinic where you can't make an appointment: I line up and wait my turn while my taxi driver waits for me.

I'll keep you posted. Rehab was deeply infectious and ingeniously painted from a late-60s palette of handclaps, custom book report essay horn charts, and winehouse’s own dry, husky singing