I had a teary time in current this morning. There is an Irish woman who leads the dialogue: sometimes it was her words and sometimes my own thoughts, but all the time I felt them to be joyous tears. I simply love the meditations in this area. I feel like I can give so much to those passing in one of the lines, but I also receive so much by being there.

The morning session started for me at 7.30am and finished at 11.50am during which time my body complained a little but any discomfort cannot outweigh the benefits I
feel I receive. During current I kept thinking 'I just want to be a good person'. I can't articulate what 'good' means, but I feel I know it's meaning. I don't know how this will play out in the months and years ahead but I am confident the criminal law will not be the medium in which it occurs.

This afternoon was a marathon: I settled into my meditation in current at 1.35pm snd opened my eyes at 5.50pm. Needless to say by the time this session finished, despite all the exercises I did during it, my left foot was quite swollen from all that sitting. I walked out of the Casa into darkness, but still managed to take my walk. I
know my way up the mountain path by now.

Dialogue does make the meditation sessions easier. There was little of that this afternoon. When you've sat through a few current sessions you get to know the different lines: spiritual operation line; second time line; first time line; and revision line. As the day drew on I could hear someone in the main hall talking for what seemed like a very ling time. At the end of the talk there was another line that passed through current. This was quite an unusual order. After the session I found out it was Medium Joao (John of God), who had incorporated Dr Agusto de Almedia,
was doing the talking. After the talk he did three physical operations onstage. This was filmed. We are asked to keep our focus. Having a little information helps me do that. Having no information can be a distraction. It was for me this afternoon.


The Irish woman was back again for this morning's session which was a little over three hours. It's obvious how many people love her dialogue by the number who go up to her after a session and say so. The day commenced with Medium Joao on
stage telling stories, after which he again incorporated Dr Agusto de Almeida who did some physical operations on stage. This was filmed by a Brasilian TV crew who also did some filming in the grounds and around the soup line and tables. I was later told that a famous female Brasilian TV presenter was there to do a story on Joao and work at the Casa. There is certainly a place for this type of scrutiny of what happens at the Casa.

Mateus picked me up from the pousada at 12.30pm to take me to Anapolis for the ultrasound. On the way he telephoned the radiology centre to be told that I needed an appointment. Earlier I had been told I had to wait in a queue. Fortunately they had one at 3.00pm. We arrived in Anapolis at 1.00pm with two hours to spare.

Mateus took me to a bank so I could get out some money. There is no ATM's in Abadiania and there don't look to be many in Anapolis. We went to a cafe for a drink and at the radiology centre he acted as my interpreter. Where else do you get a taxi service like this?

I eventually started the US at 3.45pm and was out seven minute later. The US machine operator told me I did not have a thrombosis. The report and pictures won't be available until Monday afternoon. Mateus will pick them up when in Anapolis. On the way back we called into the pharmacy so I could cancel my order of injections only to find they had not been ordered because the pharmacy owner made a mistake in price: instead of being $30 an injection they are $60. I still needed to get another four for air travel I'll do between now and my return to Australia. At these prices
forget about getting a thrombosis in Brasil.

On the way to Anapolis I spoke with Mateus about the potentially disastrous effect Joao's death would have on Abadiiania. He said they were all worried last week when Joao spent time in hospital. Apparently about 50% of businesses in Abadiana would go broke if he was to die. Mateus isn't waiting: this year he started a five year, part time law degree at the Anapolis University. He's married with two teenage boys. I congratulated him. It can't be easy starting lectures at 7.00pm at the end of a work day five days a week. The report also claims that apple has increased production of iphone 5s orders by 75%