At current this morning the last of the lines was for those people attending the Casa for the first time. The woman leading the dialogue asked us to remember the love we felt the first time we walked through the door to make our way towards Medium Joao. When she spoke these words I could feel the feelig I had back in December 2009. Tears welled in my eyes as I recalled that memory. The session went for three and quarter hours. As always, I enjoyed the Casa soup afterwards.

After lunch I had my vitamin D time lying on a deck chair in the pousada garden. It
was then back for the afternoon session of current which lasted three hours. Following my 45 minute walk it was time for dinner. These Casa days just seem to disappear.


The two sessions of current today went for three and a half hours and three hours. I did my usual vitamin D exposure and afternoon walk.

A number of the members of the UK group I have befriended had surgeries these past two days. A consequence of surgery is to keep yourself isolated for 24 hours. Someone will take meals to your room. The idea is to have minimal contact with others. So the numbers around at meal times has been less. I haven't had any surgery this trip but had it twice back in December 2009.


I did more than 7 hours of meditation today: three and a half hours hours in the morning and three hours forty in the afternoon. I find the afternoon current a little tougher than the morning session where I will have done at least three hours, even
though there is a couple of hours break in between. On my walk this evening I caught the sunset. It wasn't particularly spectacular, but I photographed it anyway.

There's a lot to be learned in current: patience, endurance, discipline, awareness, focus, and being in the moment. Patience is learned by being able to stay with the task until the end. Endurance comes about in fighting aching muscles, joints and limbs. Discipline is being able to keep your eyes closed for the whole of the time. Awareness is learned by being conscious of the distractions which can be considerable with lines being called, speeches being made from the stage, and people walking to
and fro through the current room, but not allowing yourself to dwell on those distractions. Focus is always to be directed to the task at hand which involves raising the energy in the room and from time to time directing that energy in a special way towards particular lines. Finally, it's important to experience all of the time spent in current from one moment to the next. There is only one moment that is important that is the present moment. So you see there is a lot happening even though the observer might just see a person sitting still. De autorin https://ghostwritinghilfe.com ghostwriter kosten dominikg stellt sich vor es klingt wie eine floskel, aber es ist wahr ich liebe das schreiben