I decided I should keep up the intensity of my meditations. The difference between Casa and non-Casa days is that on those days when Medium Joao is not present I can spread out my meditations throughout the day. Today I managed four hours, one hour at a time.

There were lots of goodbyes today: most of the UK group have now left. There were just four of us at dinner tonight, although there are still quite a number of Norwegians, most of whom will leave over the next couple of days.

I did my four meditation sessions at the Casa where the energy is the strongest.
While in current the focus of my meditations is towards assisting whatever line is passing through. Of course, healing for me in the current, like for everyone else, is available by just being there and doing the work required. It's a place where the entities work on you while you do work for them: giving and receiving.

Today's meditations gave me the opportunity to put a visualisation in place. I use visualisations all the time, but not this particular one. (For anyone not familiar with
visualisations, it's creating a picture in your mind and holding that picture. The picture will have some positive purpose to it.). In the second hour I began to visualise Divine energy coming into my heart and which I redirected onto the surface of my prostate with the intention of that energy killing the cancer. I could see the surface of the prostate turn a red/black colour similar to a dehydrated sun dried tomato or red chilli.

I continued this vsualisation during the third hour by which time the red/black colour began to move off the surface of the prostate like a crust or scab to reveal part of a very healthy looking prostate. I saw the red/black crust as a collection of dead cancer cells that had all been drawn from within the prostate itself.

In the fourth hour this crust completely disengaged from the prostate gland and
settled to one side of it revealing the surface of a very new, healthy looking prostate. I could palpitate its surface. It felt soft to touch. When a prostate is filled with cancer it's surface becomes hardened and difficult to palpitate. I then set about dissolving the dead cancer cells so that they could be eliminated from my body. I had almost done that by the time my meditation finished and I got ready to go for my afternoon walk. While I was doing the dissolving I also directed healing energy into the prostate.

This was a very powerful experience I had this afternoon, especially as I watched while the blackened dead cancer cells detached from the surface of the prostate, and I was then able to dissolve most of those dead cells. I'm lookimg forward to getting back to meditation tomorrow to do some more work on my prostate, and perhaps begin to do something for my lymphoma.

Abadiania is very quiet tonight. Because Medium Joao will be away all next week most people have left or will do so in the next couple of days. Meditations at the Casa are very quiet experiences unlike Casa days when things can get a little chaotic.
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