It's Sunday. Some of the pousada residents are up early to watch the sunrise. I was awake before 5.00am. I heard them leave. Not for me. Maybe another day. Breakfast was at 7.00am. It lasted until until 8.30am. I headed to the Casa for my first meditation session. I settled on a bench seat in the garden. I was comforted by a light, cool breeze while meditating under the shade of a tree. It took an hour long meditation to dissolve the last of the dead cancer cells that had lifted from my prostate. A singing group was meeting in the assembly hall. I recognized most of the songs. I'd been part of this group on a previous visit.

I returned to the pousada. The day had begun to heat up. A young man had set up
a display of hand made jewelry on a footpath corner. I don't understand why he has chosen a Sunday when there are the least number of people around than any other day of the week. I saw him in the same spot last week.

I returned to the Casa hall for another hour of meditation. I started visualising on a
lymphoma tumour in my stomach. I dissolved most of it by the hour's end. There's plenty of time this afternoon to return to it. I'm excited by the visualisations I started yesterday.

In the garden of the Casa is a bronze bust of Dom Inacio. It's been rubbed a shiny
golden colour by the many thousands of pairs of hands that have touched it. I've seen people embracing it. It's nearly midday. Time for lunch.

On the way back to the pousada, about a 500 metre walk, I'm the only one on the street. I see a lone car heading towards me. It turns off into a side street. The pousadas along the main street look deserted. Two elderly women sit in the shade outside one of them. The older of the two is knitting. There's one shop open. It's beyond where I have to turn. There are a few clothes displayed out front. The cafes, restaurants and other businesses are all closed. A couple of dogs roam the streets.
Abadiania is almost a still life painting at this time if the day.

After lunch I had my vitamin D time in the sun. Following a refreshing shower I'm still perspiring. I put on the ceiling fan to cool down. It's not working. The elements are in control this afternoon. I headed back to the Casa shortly before two o'clock. The number of people on the street has increased. Ten's not many. About the same number are sheltering from the heat of the day under the awnings of buildings. The man was still on the corner with his jewelry. He'd taken refuge from the sun in the shade of a wall while platting a necklace.

It took little time in meditation to kill off the last of the lymphoma tumour and dissolve the dead cancer cells. I then scanned my body for rogue cancer cells. They appeared as red dots. I killed them off. I moved through my entire body repeating this process. At the end if the meditation I stretched out on a bench seat in the hall and went to sleep for a little over an hour. It was a deep and peaceful sleep. I finished my day at the Casa with a fourth hour of meditation.

There was no sun to be seen in the sky when I went for my walk around 5.30pm.
After dinner I sat around chatting beyond eight o'clock. By then it had started to rain: first it was a few drops , but then it picked up a littlt bu hardly enough to wet the road. It's the first rain of the soon to arrive wet season. This was my Sunday in Abadiania.

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