Today's weather couldn't have been any more different. It was cool to cold: it rained a little during breakfast. I left for the Casa for my first meditation session in a warm jacket. By 10.00am when I'd finished this mediation, the sun was out but a light breeze persisted. Twenty minutes later I settled into my second meditation which passed so quickly. When opened my eyes I noticed that exactly on hour had passed.

Medium Joao is in New York this week. Most of the pousadas, cafes and other businesses are doing their 'spring clean' while numbers are down. There are now just four guests at our pousada, but it will be a full house again from October 4 when Medium Joao is back.

I didn't get my vitamin D time in the sun today because there wasn't any: it was overcast and trying to rain. I followed up my first hour of meditation this afternoon with a session on a crystal bed. I think I mentioned the crystal bed previously: this is bed over which seven crystals are suspended. Each crystal, which is positioned over one of the seven main chakras, has one of the seven colours of the spectrum shining
through it. A session last twenty minutes and costs R20.

After the crystal bed I sat in the Casa garden. On the road outside the Casa grounds
was a donkey harnessed to a cart. I witnessed the expession “stubborn as mule” play out. Try as he might, which included cussing and a crack across the rump with a rod, the young driver could not get the mule to move in the five minutes I watched. He went for help. I didn't wait to see this stationary drama play out. By the time I rerurned to the hall for my fourth meditation session the only concession the mule was prepared to make was to give his ears an occasional flicker. Mule 1 Driver 0.

All of my meditation sessions today were spent sending energy to the prostate while holding the intention that the energy was destroying the cancer cells within it.

What rain we've had has settled the dust along the roads I walk each afternoon. After dinner four of us went to the home of Nick and Gemma, an English couple who bring groups to Abadania and act as their guides while here to watch the film 'Nosso Lar' (Our Home) about life after death, based on a book by Chico Xavier which I read on my first visit to Abadiania.

The owners of the pousada are wanting to get some work done on a number of the
rooms, one of which was mine. I moved into a much nicer room: double bed, alcove with writing desk, and bigger bathroom, at no extra cost, for the remainder of my stay. Produced by popsmith mark ronson, back to black cast amy winehouse as a modern day ronnie spector