I awoke at 4.00am. At 4.30am I started a meditation, in bed. Those who practise meditation will know how thoughts come and go. Often we engage in ‘the story’ of the thought without being aware we are doing it. At the point of realisation we can choose to continue engaging in the story or return to our point of focus. Obviously, we need to return to the point of focus otherwise we could hardly call it a meditation if we knowingly continue to engage the story. We can be quite unaware of how much time has elapsed between the commencement of the story and the realisation that we have engaged in it. The other hazard of bedtime meditation is going to sleep and not realising it. So it was for me this morning: from time to time I came back to my point of focus without realising I probably had been sleeping in between. It was
5.40am before I stopped, unconvinced I had been meditating for the whole of the

When I arrived at the Casa the main hall was being cleaned and volunteers were preparing vegetables for the Casa soup. I wondered why this was happening if Medium Joao was not going to be here tomorrow. I later found out that tomorrow there will be two, two hour meditation sessions, 8.00am and 2.00pm. Very exciting that this is happening.

What I am about to describe about my Casa meditations today may seem to some
incredulous, but not to me. When I came to write up this part of my notes I could not remember the image I had of my prostate during this morning’s bedtime meditation. I started my first meditation at the Casa at 8.00am. The image of the prostate had changed from yesterday afternoon: now there was an enlarged prostate to the left of the picture and a solid mass about 3cm diametre to the right. I dissolved the mass to the right. What remained were a number of intersecting
circles. I then focused my attention on the enlarged prostate by directing energy into
it. At this point I left the meditation, went for a crystal bed after which I immediately commenced my second meditation.

The prostate had become even more enlarged: it was now the size of an eight year old child’s fist. In its centre was a dark mass. When I focused on this mass it
liquified and began swirling into different shapes, but all the time remaining a whole. I changed my focus to the outer perimeter of the prostate. The image I had was that it was only a casing and there was air space between it and the central liquid mass.
In a matter of seconds the casing, initially looking like it was made from thin leather, shrunk and finished up looking like a dried plum (prune). It encased the liquid mass after shrinking. I then directed my attention on what remained: it eventually
evaporated leaving me with a blank canvas. I decided to stop the meditation and write up my notes before I forgot any of the detail. I then anxiously awaited the afternoon meditations for the next installments of this fascinating voyage.

Something quite strange occurred this afternoon. I fully expected to go back to my visualisation and find a prostate for me to focus upon. The canvas was still blank,
almost. What I saw was the outline of my urinary tract up to where it joined my bladder. The image gave the appearance of me having had a radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate) and a surgical rejoining of the urinary tract to the
bladder. Three to four times I tried to impose the shape of a prostate on the blank canvas but immediately after I created the image it disappeared. I don’t know what all of this means but I’ll have a better idea when I get to Germany in less than a week’s time.

The weather was back to it’s old self this afternoon: while having my vitamin D session after lunch I could feel that the sun had it’s customary bite to it.

When her help on writing essays sophomore record, back to black, dropped in 2006, it was received with critical elation