Today was another four o’clock wakening. I did some work on previous posts on my blog until it was time to get up. I noticed soon after waking I was a little light headed. This feeling has been with me all day. I particularly noticed it after today’s crystal bed when I had to steady myself by holding onto a chair, and following the two meditation sessions. No condition surprises me in Abadiania.

I found both today’s two hour meditation sessions tougher than doing two three and a half hour sessions. The two hour sessions are without dialogue or suggested
visualisations, whereas these are integral parts of the longer sessions when Medium

Joao is working. Also today I felt the energy in the Medium’s Current Room (where I
have been sitting these past three weeks) much less intense than when healing is happening.

The first session was made all the more difficult because of a pulsating osteo-arthritic spot on my right knee. Every time it pulsed I received a shot of pain. The pulses continued throughout the two hours, sometimes just one second apart and sometimes as long as ten seconds in between. The situation eased enough this afternoon to not regularly capture my attention.

While walking this afternoon my attention was caught by a dark red fruit, heart shaped, with a solid olive green coloured tail attached to the point of the fruit. When I enquired I was told the tail was a cashew nut. Looking at it again with this knowledge I could see the that the tail had the characteristic cashew nut crescent shape.


Sometimes there is much similarity about my days in Abadiania: wake early, check emails, shower, breakfast at 7.00am, meditation etc. Do I mind? No! There’s something very comforting about this familiar life, but it can throw up some very quirky, unusual or hard to believe conversations and experiences. I will do a separate post about these at the end of my time here.

The crystal beds really do impact on one’s energy field. I had another session under
the crystals after this morning’s meditation. During the twenty minutes I fell asleep and in that space between sleep and consciousness I could hear myself breathing
extraordinarily rapidly. As soon as I came into consciousness my breath immediately returned to normal. It was like I was separated from myself listening to me breathe and when I realised it was me, turn off the rapid breath instantly. When I stood up at the end of the session, about five minutes after the breathing episode, I felt so light in the head.

This afternoon’s two hour meditation was tough: tough in the sense that there was one recurring topic that kept imposing itself upon my focus. This happens when out
of the meditation situation there is something on our mind: we take it into the meditation wth us.

My walking clothes are in the wash and so I didn’t go for a walk this afternoon. I put on a load of washing at 11.00am. When I checked for the second time at 4.30pm the washing cycle was still not complete. Even allowing for a two hour power outage
this afternoon, this would have to be one of the slowest washing machines on the planet, if not the universe. When I asked what time my washing would be finished a
pousada staff member could only offer me a shrug of her shoulders. Patience is
something to be learned both within meditation and otherwise.


I saw a phenomenon today I’d never previously witnessed: a rainbow encircling the sun. When we emerged from this morning’s meditation at 10.00am a number of
people were looking and urging others to look skywards. There it was! A perfect circular rainbow with the sun at it’s centre. I managed to get a photograph of it. There was a second circle, white, which intersected the sun rainbow. It was too big to photograph in its entirety with my camera but I did photograph a section of it where it intersected the sun circle. Very, very special.

The meteorological explanation is that this phenomenon is caused by the sun shining upon tiny ice particles within clouds about 10,000 metres above the earth. The sun reflects and refracts the colours within the particles. It often means that rain is on
the way. But why does the reflected and refracted light end up as concentric circles around the sun? Assuming there is a complete cloud cover containing ice particles between the sun and the earth, why not a rainbow disc? Maybe it is a disc and all we see is the outer edge.

In some belief systems it is known as a Sunbow or Whirling Rainbow and is a sign that great change is on the way. It has also been understood as “s sign to people of the necessity to live a life in respect and harmony with all creations that make life possible: plants, animals, waters, minerals, fires, winds, and other human beings”.

The Abadiania explanation, at least by one person associated ith the Casa, is that it’s an ascension portal and there are at present spirits ascending.

Of today’s two meditation sessions I felt this morning’s went very quickly, but this afternoon’s tested me a little towards the last half hour. I was a lot more focused today compared with yesterday. I’ve just one day of Casa meditations to go and then it’s off to Germany.

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