Predictably, I had vey little sleep last night because of jet-lag. My experience when I recently returned from four months in Europe to Sydney for three weeks was that it took me well over a week to get my sleep back into an acceptable pattern. I’m expecting it to be longer this time because the time zones are further apart. I’ll probably just have it back to normal when I travel to Germany and another time zone.

Tuesday morning at the Casa is vegetable cutting-up time. Each person who attends the Casa on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday gets a bowl of vegetable and pasta soup. The soup is made fresh on the mornings of each of these days, but the
vegetable preparation is done each Tuesday when volunteers attend to help in this task. Fortunately, in one way, technology has arrived in the form of a machine, donated by someone in Switzerland, that does the cutting up of the vegetables into tiny pieces. I didn’t get there until 9.45am by which time all the peeling had been done, but there was still plenty of cutting up remaining. Sadly, technology has reduced the need for as many people. On my previous visits there could be as many as twenty people participating in the processes and this made for a wonderful way to meet others as you sat around doing your thing on a giant basket of chokos.

In the grounds of the Casa there are a meditation deck and lots of bench seats for meditation. After the vegetable cutting I chose the deck which overlooks a valley and hills that are looking quite dry. The daily temperature is around 30 degrees, and I’m told it hasn’t rained for months. In the afternoon I did two further meditations, one in the garden and the other in the main assembly hall where the seats are much more comfortable.

My main purpose in being here is for the healing I will get from the meditations. This healing will be more profound on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays when I will be able to join with a large number of others all meditating in the one space. I look forward to tomorrow.

Rehab told us that writing essay this was the only way it could end, a fact which makes it as powerful a real-world confession as any song to scale the charts