I said in my previous blog that I was here in Abadiania at the Casa de Dom Inacio for the profound healing that comes from joining with a large number of people meditating in the one space.

Imagine entering a T-shaped room at the base of the vertical leg of the T; there is an aisle alongside a wall immediately to your right; on your left are rows of bench seats filled by about 70 people, all seated, all with their eyes closed, all meditating, and all dessed in white clothing. Imagine walking about fifteen paces before arriving at the horizontal section of the T where to your right are more bench seats with a central aisle where there are another 40-50 people meditating. You turn to your left down
the central aisle on either side of which are further 60-70 people meditating. At the end of the central aisle is a cleared area around the edges of which are another dozen people meditating and at the end of which facing you is a large chair occupied by the full trance medium John of God. This is the short path walked by those who are seeking healing by one of the entities or ascended masters, who for a few hours each morning and afternoon on Wednesday’s, Thursdays, and Fridays use the physical body of John of God as a vehicle to do the healing.

Prior to walking this path the person who cannot speak Portuguese will have attended a translator and had their request put into writing in that language. When they stand before the medium they will hand their written request to a translator who will read it out discretely to the medium. Within seconds a decision will be made and conveyed to the person who will be directed to another area to either wait for the work that needs to be done to be done, or be directed elsewhere.

The part I want to describe in a little more detail is the first area to the left of the aisle where the seventy or so people are all meditating. It is called ‘current’. There is an obvious analogy with electrical energy, measured in amps, which is also described as current. But there is more to this room.

The idea of having so many people in the one space all meditating with joy in their hearts and an altruistic disposition is to raise the energy level or vibration of that space. The energy within the space heals those who are meditating. It also acts as a cleanser of the energy fields of those who have joined the queue to go before the
medium. People come from the streets with all manner of eneregetic refuse attached to them as a result of being in the places they have been, the people with whom they’ve had contact, the behavior in which they’ve engaged, or the thoughts they’ve had. The idea is to run this energetic vacuum cleaner over them before they meet the medium.

The healing benefit for the meditators is profound. Why is this so? Assume one of these sessions lasts for three hours. Assume an individual goes off by themself and does three hours of meditation alone. That person gets the benefit of what those three hours can give. But when you combine the three hours done by one person with that done by seventy other people the result is an exponential growth in energy and healing.

Sporting life is full of examples to demonstrate this point. Imagine a sports stadium that can hold 70,000 spectators but on the day of the game everyone stays at home and cheers for their team in front of the TV. The impact on the performance of the opposing teams would be non-existent. Now take those 70,000 people and put them in the stadium where they cheer for their respective team. The whole dynamic of
that stadium will be altered as will the impact on the respective teams. How many times have you heard a commentator describe the atmosphere in a stadium, even before the commencement of a game, as ‘electric’? How many times have you heard the same commentators describe home crowds as being a ‘distinct advantage’ to the
home team’s chances of winning?

Today I sat in current. The morning session went for three and a half hours and the afternoon session one and a half hours. I didn’t just get the benefits of five hours of meditation. I can’t imagine how many hours I would have had to have done to
receive the same benefit I got in those five hours. I am now much clearer about this potential for healing than I was on my visits here in 2009 snd 2010. I believe that if I sat in current long enough I could heal my cancers. ihre Erklarung ghostwriter gesucht