After a very difficult night trying to sleep I eventually found some peace in the early hours of the morning only to not wake until 8.15am. The day at the Casa commences at 8.00am. I threw on my whites and made haste to find that ‘current’, which opens its doors at 7.30am, not surprisingly was full. I felt disappointed. I settled in the main hall and meditated until 11.00am. Meditating in this area is something of a challenge because of the constant movement of people, and because of talks and instructions being given to those gathered, especially those in the queue.

Today was the second day that John of God was not present. He was in hospital under care for high blood pressure, however, those in the queue still made the walk
past the area where he would have sat in the knowledge that the entities would still do the work they needed to have done. I’m sure many of them would have felt great disappointment, especially if it was their only day at the Casa. Many travel from parts outside Abadiania to the Casa by tourist coach. It’s nothing to see four or five coaches parked nearby to the Casa each day.

John of God will not be in Abadiania for my last two weeks here. He is doing some work in the USA. I’ve noticed posters around the place that speak of a recent visit to Vienna and an upcoming one in Germany. I was disappointed to learn he would not be here becaue there will be no Wednesday to Friday sessions where I could sit in
current. I spoke in yesterday’s blog about the amazingly powerful healing I feel when in that place. But I was in current for this afternoon’s two hour session.

It’s always wise when in an unfamiliar place to check on prices before engaging a service. Today I sent three pages to the clinic in Germany. It wasn’t absolutely necessary but I thought I would give them some recent test results in advance of my arrival. It cost me R45, the equivalent of $9.00/page.

I am becoming bored with the pousada food, however breakfast, a meal I always enjoy, is still o’kay. Another predictable dinner. I found my way to Fruiti’s, a popular cafe/restaurant, by 7.45pm drinking jasmine tea and ‘cookies’. (It’s the same in Australia, but why do other countries adopt these North American expressions? For my part it’s still a biscuit and always will be.)

Most, if not all countries have their child entrepreneurs. Sometimes it’s out of necessity, but not tonight where a boy of about 7 years was selling his colourful drawings of butterflies to anyone in the cafe who cared to buy one. The price was R1. A woman next to me bought one. The boy looked quite chuffed, especially when he was asked to sighn it.

The main street is still full of Casa people, a lot of whom are still in their whites. The main street is used as a footpath. Drivers don’t seem to care. Some people stop by
the cafe. Others chat with friends and newly found acquaintances in the middle of the street. A Military Police vehicle with it’s lights lazily flashing, drifts by. It’s the only sign of authority in the village. I get the impression that this is a very law abiding place. There is no alcohol sold near to where most of the pousadas are located. You have to go down to near Highway 60 if that’s what you want. It was still a balmy night around 9.00pm as I headed back to the Casa and bed. In spite of her very public and inexorable decline, winehouse did wrie my paper effectively set off an era of soul-revival that would basically pave the way for the success of figures like duffy, sharon jones, and of course, the mighty adele