Friday – 09.09.2011

Only one word can describe today: meditation. John of God returned to the Casa and his return reflected the amount of time we spent in meditation: 3 hours 45 in the morning session and 3 hours 30 in the afternoon. I found the afternoon session, which often don't take more than 2 hours, quite tough. I sat in a different section where there was no dialogue. It is interesting how when one of the brothers or sisters of the Casa, usually a sister, is saying something which has a spiritual basis to it, that time is not an issue. Sometimes I am listenig to what they say and often not. But there was nothing that could distract me from the aching butt and stiffening neck
muscles as time wore on this afternoon. When I finally opened my eyes I was surprised to see it was nearly five o'clock.

When I first came to Abadiania and the Casa I imagined it would be difficult to keep my eyes closed during these long meditation sessions. Surprisingly, I found this not to be so. There are good reasons for keeping the eyes closed: it allows the energy to build and flow. Energy dissipates if eyes are being opened and closed, opened and closed.

Once you commit to sitting in current, you really shouldn't leave unless there is some convincing reason for doing so. If you need water, (I don't because I always take a bottle in with me) or need to go to the toilet you simply hold up an arm and someone will come to you to find out what you want: if it's water they will bring it to you, and if it's the toilet they will guide you there with eyes closed until you exit the meditation area.

Saturday – 10.09.2011

I did just three one hour meditation sessions today. I'm trying to control the swelling
in my left foot which I've had since I arrived in Abadiania. I now wear my compression stockings (knee high) while meditating, and do leg exercises sporadically. This, together wth my afternoon walk, seems to be working, but not as quickly as I had hoped.

This morning I had the most fantastic 70 minute, whole body massage. I didn't walk, I floated onto the street afterwards.

I'm becoming bored with the pousada food, except breakfast which I feast on. So I'm eating less for lunch and dinner. This has coincided with a lack of desire to eat the volumes of food I was consumig while on my walk when think my metabolism got into top gear very early on and stayed ther for four months. Since I stopped walking its gradually slipped back a gear or two.

Saturday night in Abadiania: nothing to report.

Sunday – 11.09.2011

Another three, one hour meditation sessions today.

I thought I had finally cracked the erratic sleep pattern. Last night I had my first decent night's sleep since arriving in Abadiania. This afternoon I went to the assembly hall of the Casa where there are padded bench seats, stretched out on one, and slept for two hours. There's a wonderful energy about this place. I had no
difficulty entering a beautifully deep sleep on a narrow bench. This did not seem to assist my night's sleep, not being able to drift off until around 1.00am. I used the time to get the blog more up to date.

Abadiania is shut down on Sundays. There is definitely nothing to report from the streets.

I picked up a copy of 'The Slap' before leaving Sydney. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's my mealtime reading here in Abadiania. On the plane from Sydney to Sao Paulo I read 'Harry Curry. Counsel of Choice', a first novel by my friend and former legal colleague, Stuart Littlemore. It was a good read.
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