It was a good day, starting with a group of us going to the waterfall around 9.00am. This is a very special place; spiritually significant; a place to visualise the cleansig of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as the water tumbles onto our head and streams down to our feet. The chill of the water can literally make true the expression “takes your breath away”. But you need no more than a couple of minutes.

On the way back to the pousada I stopped at the Casa for my second last meditation
of this visit to Abadiania. Following this I spent a half hour on a crystal bed. What a head spin when I sat up. These beds really get the energy field excited.

In the late afternoon I did my last meditation. When I looked back on my notes I was pleased to see that I had done at least four hours per day for every day I have been in Abadiania. I came here to meditate intensively. That is what I have done.
The meditations were intended to prepare me for; to make me more receptive to; and to enhance the healing power of the treatments I will undertake in Germany. I feel I have achieved this in abundance.


My taxi arrived 15 minutes ahead of time but ended up waiting for me beyond my scheduled departure time allowing me to finish breakfast and say my goodbyes. Nick, Rob and I went to the waterfall at 6.00am for Rob and my last experience of this wonderful place. Nick and his wife Gemma were guides for the group of UK residents whom I befriended. All the group had left before today bar Rob who was
to leave later in the day with Gemma. I warmed to Rob early on: a good wit, some of which I'll share when I come to do a piece about my more unusual conversations
and observations while in Abadiania.

I was at Brasilia airport more than two hours before my flight was due to leave. The flight out over Brasilia saw the well to do suburbs with their big houses and swimming pools sharing one thing in common with their not so well to do neighbors: the ubiquitous red soil that leaves it's stain everywhere. Brasil has just entered
spring when the rain is supposed to arrive. There is no green around at the moment, but it will soon be there in abundance.

It was a ten and a half hour flight to Zurich. I flew with Swiss Air. There always seemed to be a member of the crew walking the aisles offering something, particularly water for which I was grateful. I got some sleep, but not much. I was
more concerned to keep exercising so as to avoid a DVT. I changed time zones by five hours. Getting closer to Australia.

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