More of the same today: local hyperthermia on the prostate, infusions, magnetic field therapy, back massage, and foot reflexology. I had a consultation this afternoon with Dr. Herzog about my progress and where I go from here. I have decided not to have any more local hyperethermia on my stomach after this week, but will have a further three treatments next week on my prostate, making a total of eight treatments for the prostate. I have also decided not to have moderate full body hyperthermia, and, of course, chemotherapy is inappropriate for me unless I have extreme full body hyperthermia which is not warranted in my circumstances. I have another
consultation this coming Friday to review the first two weeks and discuss next week's treatments.

I decided to stop eating lunch, feel better for it, and look forward to dinner. There isn't enough of a gap between breakfast ending at 10.00am and lunch beginning at 12 midday.

It's good to get out for my afternoon walk. I'm doing between 4km and 8km each walk. Sometimes the sun would break through but mostly it held itself back allowing for a cool afternoon.


A couple of the patients I've got to know have left: one yesterday and the other today. There's something comforting about walking into the dining room and seeing a familiar, friendly face, or just passing one in the corridors.

Sometimes we are a messenger and do not realize we have a message to deliver. On my second day here I told a story I had heard in Abadiania. It involved distant
healing. It is possible to take a photograph of a loved one, or perhaps a friend before the entities who will suggest a course of treatment, if needed. The man who told the story presented a rather bad faxed copy of a photograph of his sister. On an earlier occasion he had presented a photograph of the same sister. On that occasion the entities had prescribed herbs. When the faxed photo was presented he was told by the entity that his sister had not taken the first lot of herbs and questioned why further help should be given when the earlier course of treatment was not followed.
The fact that his sister had not taken the herbs was unknown to him nor to any member of the family, and came as a shock. But he was able to get help a second time for his sister.

Simone, a young New Yorker, with a particularly difficult diagnosis heard me tell the story. She said she had also received this same type of distant healing and had failed to complete her herbs. Inexplicably to her, of all the pills and supplements she could have brought with her to Germany, she brought her herbs. She made up her mind to get back onto them immediately. When saying good bye to her this morning she said she was glad to have met me. I don't need to know why: there's more than a touch of ego in making that enquiry. It's sufficient to feel the warmth that comes from believing I may have helped her in some way.


In the parklands of Bad Salzhausen is the Gradation works. Some call it an inhaleatorium. It's where salt water trickles through black thorn twigs stacked about 3 metres high in two back to back rows about 15 metres long. The air that rises from this process has a high water vapor content. It is regarded as restorative. People can be seen walking around this rectangular structure doing lap after lap breathing in the cool air vapour.

Simone, who I mentioned in the previous post, tells the story with some amusement, of the child-like fasciation of a woman who intently watched her walk this circuit before she had had a half kilogram tumour surgically removed from the right side of her chest. Don't you remember admonishing your children with, “Don't stare!”.

It rained today, but this did not deter me from my afternoon walk into Nidda. One of the more unusual shops in Nidda, probably because it seems so incongruously located there, is 'John's Shop'. In the street display window can be seen all manner of
automatic and semi-automatic rifles, handguns and knives, along with camoflouage clothes and bedding, and the United States and German flags. I was told that they shoot wild boar in this area. I'm afraid there wouldn't be much of a wild boar left if you let loose with one of these 'little babies'.

Tonight a few of us again watched the DVD 'Healing', about the healing work that is done in Abadiania. It's easy to see why it won a cinematography award: it's beautifully shot.

In fact, this version of mad world would reveal the song’s timeless appeal