Some people face enormous burdens: I spoke today with a woman who was dealing with her fourth cancer since 1999, three primaries and one metastic. There are many who have been to the Herzog clinic several times. I had breakfast with a couple from New Delhi. They are on their ninth visit without ever having looked in their own backyard where there are, or have been, many healers like Sai Baba who died earlier this year. The wife of the man who has the cancer, said they were now prepared to look closer to home.

I can't recall how many times I've been asked, “Is this your first time here?” or “How many times have you been to the clinic?”. My assumption, incorrect as I was soon to realise, was that you only needed one visit – problem solved. The vast number of patients accept that they will need more than one visit to get their condition under control, and keep it that way. Many of these people have serious, metastasised cancers, unlike me, with two which are localised: the two situations are worlds apart.

We had a beautiful sunny day. The sun was just losing it's warm edge when I
stepped out for my walk around 4.00pm.


I left my hotel shortly after 7.30am. A man was scraping ice from the windshield of his van. The air felt crisp and clean. There is no industry in the immediate vicinity of Bad Salzhausen, at least none that can be seen or heard. We are surrounded by agricultural farmland, forests of trees, green parklands and unspoiled mineral spas: it just feels unpolluted.

I had a 7.45am local hyperthermia session on my prostate. I finished it with the power on 150watts, the maximum. I visualised my cancer cells really cooking in what I call 'Herzog's Inferno'. I saw these cells with tiny arms, raised upwards, and tiny imploring faces, imploring to be spared the heat, only for them to wither into blackened, molten heaps.

It was such a sunny day. I was able to sit outside and read for the first time in more than a week.

I said goodbye today to Sid and Cathy from Iowa in the USA. Cathy was here for treatment and will be adobe creative suite 3 web premium cs3 buy back soon, as will Maggie from Bedfordshire in England. Her husband had driven over to pick her up. I'll miss their conversations at mealtimes when patients exchange their stories and learn from one another.

I had another consultation with Dr. Herzog this afternoon to discuss my case and get a treatment plan for next week. The thing about these consultations is that they are not rushed. I felt like I had all the time in the world to say what I needed to say, which is how it should be.