I toyed with the idea of going into Frankfurt today, having yesterday arranged my only treatment for 8.00am. However, before leaving my hotel I decided against it, preferring instead to get my blog up to date and read.

Last night I booked my fare to Gothenberg. I decided on a 7.30am flight via London. Direct flights are exhorbitantly expensive. I'm o'kay with a two and a half hour stopover at Heathrow. The flight will get me into Gothenberg a little after 1.00pm, a decent hour, especially so because my friend Anette will be picking me up. Between
now and Friday I'll make up my mind whether to stay in Bad Salzhausen on Saturday night or get a hotel in Frankfurt close to the airport. I intend to go into Frankfurt on Saturday to do a little sightseeing, and possibly meet up with someone I met in Brazil.

Not eating lunch is a real blessing. Being in the clinic is such a sedentary life: I just don't need the calories provided by three meals a day.

The weather had a bitter edge to it when I went on my walk this afternoon. The wind had a real chill to it. There weren't many locals out there. They probably knew better. It rained in the early evening.


I've woken to a cloudy sky. It rained during the night. As I looked out of my hotel
window across a lawn to the small pension next door I could see the kitchen staff busily going about their breakfast preparations. I love the cool mornings as I make my way to the clinic along the half kilometre of nearly deserted streets.

The days go by very quickly, especially when a morning is taken up with round after round of treatments. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred today: treatments, emailing, meals and chat. I bought myself a beanie. It came in handy on my afternoon walk into Nidda. Zur zeit studiere ich germanistik und literaturwissenschaften und erweitere meinen horizont durch klicken Sie auf diese Webseite das schreiben von texten in unterschiedlichen themenbereichen