I was woken again by the nurse. Not a bad thing. It means I’m sleeping well. This morning I had my consultation with Dr Herzog. It was pleasing for me to hear him not suggest chemotherapy as part of my treatment plan. Local hyperthermia will be my principal therapy.

I was very excited to get the results of the PSA test I did last Tuesday before I commenced any of the clinic’s therapies. What I achieved was solely the result of the healing I sought and received in Brasil: my meditations and spiritual healing. My PSA
has gone down from 26, as measured in Australia before traveling to Brasil, to 20.5, a reduction of 21%. You may recall that in one of my Abadiania posts on my blog I
said I believed I could cure my prostate cancer if I sat in the Medium’s Current long enough. I had in mind six months. However, now that I’m here in Germany having treatment I won’t be able to test out my belief, but what I have achieved with the PSA reduction confirms for me the belief I have in the healing that is available at the Casa.

I went for a walk this afternoon to a nearby village, stopping on the way there and back at the lithium spa for a drink of this highly mineralised water. After this it was to the infusion room where for an hour I received two infusions different to the
previous ones, namely one for the lymphatic system and the other a detoxifyer.

Today I decided to become an outpatient from Saturday afternoon onwards. I reserved hotel accommodation for two weeks. I won’t know until the end of
treatment how much I’ll save, but for a room alone I’ve gone from a��70/night to a��30/night. I can get three meals a day at the clinic for about a��18. Food at the clinic is not part of the room fee, it’s part of general care which costs a��350/day. The cost of local hyperthermia (a��200/hour) is additional to the general care fee. Oh, to have this treatment available in Australia.


Getting woken by the nurse is becoming a bit of a habit, but I don’t mind. Next week three of my five local hyperthermia sessions begin before 8.00am so I expect to be embracing some cold mornings on my walk from the hotel, about 300 down the main street from the clinic.

The weather’s turned cold: a far cry from what it was a few days ago with temperatures of 25 degrees plus. Today it rained lightly on and off. On my walk this afternoon I needed to put my hands in my pockets to keep them warm.

Today felt like a slow day. There was not much energy in the air. It must be the change if seasons. Meal times seem to come around very quickly. It’s like I’ve no sooner finished one meal and I’m due to sit down for the next. Most social interaction occurs at meal times. There’s not a lot, at least by me, at other times. Although last night and tonight I did watch a DVD with a few of the patients. Nearly everyone has a support person: a parent, sibling, partner or friend. Some support people don’t stay for the whole of the treatment period, but this seems rare. I
certainly don’t feel like I need one. But they are necessary for some patiets, especially the ones who have to have full body hyperthermia, and in particular, the extreme version of it where the temperature is at it’s highest. Those who come out of this look wasted, but surprisingly recovery time is quite short. It seems that in next to no time they are back at the meal table eating and smiling. I’m aware that patients are so bad they are confined to their room.

I had local hyperthermia on my prostate this morning. I’m not sure of the unit of measurement used to measure the heat energy, but today I was on 110, up from 80 last Wednesday. 110 is about as hot as I want it. Some patients get burned by the heat, especially if it has to pass through several layers of fat to get to the tumour, and also when some of the heat is reflected back to the surface by bone that it has to pass through on its way to the tumour. I’ve got just one therapy session tomorrow, local hyperthermia just after lunch.

Putting aside the fact that the composition was reclaimed from the mellotronic scrapheap of the early 80s, this version has a funny habit of turning back up on the charts why not try out there every few years