My highlight today was moving into my hotel. The room is three times as big and much better appointed than was my clinic room. From the little contact I’ve had with the hotel owners, Joanna and Wolf, they appear to be a lovely couple. I’m now an outpatient. If in future I suggest to anyone else to come to the Herzog clinic, depending upon their particular circumstances, I would also suggest they consider a week at the clinic followed by the balance of their time at a hotel.

I had local hyperthermia this afternoon on my stomach for the lymphoma, followed in
the late afternoon by a walk in the brisk air and fading sunlight. A lot of the day was
taken up, or at least it seemed that way, with eating and chatting. Clinic life isn’t all that bad.


Today’s highlight was definitely watching the DVD ‘Healing’. I mentioned in one of my Abadiania posts about buying it. It’s an award winning film about Medium Joao and the healing which occurs at the Casa. About a dozen of us watched it before lunch.
For some of us it was a tearful experience, especially when hearing the stories of
healing. In an early scene when I saw the Casa I felt a very strong connection in my heart. It was the first time I’d watched the film and I’m sure I’ll watch it many more times, hopefully when I’m sharing the experience with others. Today’s viewing may be the catalyst for some present to visit Abadiania.

I’m definitely putting on weight: I feel it and I can see it on my waist line. I realise I don’t have to eat every meal, but I do. I enjoy the socialising that accompanies them. I compensated by going for an hour and half walk this afternoon.

The temperature are definitely getting colder. I woke to a very misty morning. On
my walk today a breeze was biting into my hands. Tonight, around 8.00pm as I returned in light rain to the hotel after dinner, there was no one on the street. And
this is just the Autumn. Aufgrund meines breiten bei der Seite interessenspektrums beschftige ich mich mit vielen topics und arbeite mich gerne ein