This afternoon Anette and I went to the Goteborg Konstmuseum (art gallery, contemporary and otherwise) to see an exhibition by Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. By the time they married in 1929, Rivera, who was 21 years Kahlo's senior, had already established himself as a prominent mural painter, not only in Mexico, but in the USA and Europe. Rivera had returned to Mexico after the 1921 revolution which saw the establishment of a socialist government. Many of his murals were on official buildings and often depicted workers and indigenous peoples' struggles against colonialism.

Kahlo, who died in 1954 aged just 47 years, was relatively unknown in her lifetime, but her popularity has risen significantly in recent decades. Many of her paintings, which are self-portraits, have been interpreted to reflect her private emotional suffering, part of which arose from the tumultuous relationship she had with her not too faithful husband. When she painted her face it was with severe, black eyebrows which met in the middle, along with facial hair both above and below her lips. On Tuesday night we watched a DVD called 'Frida', a portrayal of her life. It helped put into perspective events taking place in her life when she was painting some of the works in the exhibition.

The Australian connection in 'Frida' was Geoffrey Rush playing Leon Trotsky, who was granted political asylum in the 1920's by the Mexican Government, and who was assasinated while in Mexico at the instigation of Stalin. Kahlo and Trotsky are depicted in the movie as having had an affair while Trotsky and his wife were living in the Kahlo/Rivera house. Artistic license? I don't know.

I visited the same Goteborg Museum last time I was here in June 2009. I noticed in the 2011-2012 program that “children and youths up to 25 years: free admittance” and that a season ticket, which incidentally allows admission to four other museums, costs just 40 Swedish Kroners, or about $5.90 Aus. (Sweden did not adopt the Euro as it's currency even though it is a member of the European Union)

We came home to a dinner prepared by Peter, although Anette went out immediately to sing in a 'church' choir which she does each Wednesday. Each Tuesday it's a 'rock' choir. Both she and Felicia will be singing at Peter's father's funeral next month.

Hit for new wave band tears for fears, the original is a synth-heavy affair with a driving mid-tempo pace, like the early part of a night at the club