Anette picked me up around 3.00pm after work. I went with her when she drove Felicia to an area by the sea where a friend of Felicia’s keeps horses, two of which Felicia exercises each week. While she was doing that we drove to a nearby harbour where Anette has a 36 foot yacht which she’s had only a short time but long enough for her and her family to spend a month on it last summer holidays sailing around the Danish coast. The yacht has to be taken out of the water in a couple of weeks time, put in a cradle and covered for the winter. The marina where it is moored will freeze over during the winter. It would not have occurred to me that this would happen, such is not our way of thinking when we come from a warm climate like Australia.

Shortly befiore 6.00pm we met with Peter in Goteborg to attend a recital of Dvorak’s ‘Requium’ performed by the Goteborg Symphony Orchestra and Goteborg Symphony Choir, and directed by Joachim Gustafsson. The principal singing parts were performed by a soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone. I loved it. I’m told the concert hall, built about fifty years ago, has wonderful accoustics, but my untrained ear would not know the dirrerence between good and superior acoustics.

After the concert we had pizza and prawns at home around a very congenial and welcoming dinner table.

Everyone was out this morning: Anette and Felicia at a gymnastics competition, and Peter, Felix (who lives in a flat in Goteborg with his girlfriend) and a neighbor of Peter’s who all went dirt-bike riding. I had time to complete filling the wood cellar, a task I set myself last Monday which I’ve been working on a few hours each day. A simple thing to do by way of acknowledgement of the hospitality, kindness, and generosity shown to my by Anette, Peter and their family.

Around 2.00pm Anette returned from the gymnastics. We went for a ‘Sunday afternoon drive’ on Saturday taking in Goteborg’s hinterland which I’d not previously seen. We visited the village where Peter was raised; saw how the countryside changed from roads lined by forests of pine trees to ones paralleled by stretches of land used to grow crops; and saw the many, many lakes, some of which were being fished from the water’s edge and many of which are local water supplies. As Australians we are very conscious of the scarcity of water, but here in Sweden its ready availability seems to generate a complacency about and extravagance in its use.

We had dinner at home after which I looked at photographs, the most beautiful of which were Pixbo and the area around Peter and Anette’s home while blanked in winter’s snow.

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